Eastern Cape

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Eastern Cape

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6 years ago, Bobby Shmurda dropped the "Hot N***a" video and his hat still hasn't come down 🧢

This horse had never been ridden before, and this shelter cat had never had any friends — but as soon as they met, the cat jumped on the horse's back and started riding him everywhere!

This stray dog is so happy to reunite with her lost brothers!

Hillary Clinton's attempt to politicize coronavirus to mock President Trump ends terribly

My reports implored government for buses for hundreds of thousands of migrant labour walking.. But surely police should been stationed every 2 kilometres allowing only limited movement in single file. This is common sense.. You can't botch execution of this & blame the poor.

Lots of people are bashing the epidemiologists who raised red alerts over initial modeling if we did nothing. Well, we changed our behaviors so naturally, the numbers are different, but consider in New York, the modeling UNDERESTIMATED hospitalizations.

Loneliness is both physically and mentally damaging.

Life is better when you're laughing.

double c my luggage and fill them with comme blouses

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This puppy was adopted and returned three times — then he met Morgan, who needed a service dog to help her cope with panic attacks.