@DatBoiDanteD  If someone is suspected of committing a felony, you follow them armed and then they attack you but die fighting for your shotgun you deserve life in prison

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U.S. congressman posts family Christmas picture with guns, days after school shooting

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BREAKING: 13 people dead in Indonesia volcano eruption

@DiamondandSilk  responds to Joy Behar's Biden claims: "We have the invoices, all of this stuff is being funded by we, the American people."

CNN fires anchor Chris Cuomo over role in brother ex-governor's sex scandal

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UNITED KINGDOM: Man who placed superglue on door lock of vaccination center in Gorleston, thereby preventing over 500 people from getting their dose, has been imprisoned for twelve weeks.

Lots of caveats; too soon to know. But early info from South Africa provide tantalizing hints that #Omicron  may trigger milder illness. With thoughts from @MarionKoopmans , @AmeshAA  & @PeterHotez .

Gujarat: A businessman organises mass marriage every year in Surat for orphaned women "135 couples including three Muslims and one Christian couple would tie the knot today," said businessman Mahesh Sawani on Saturday

@RepAdamSchiff : "I think the Justice Department needs to consider not just those who attacked The Capitol, but those who organized the attack, those who funded the attack, if they were involved in any criminal activity." #TheReidOut  #reiders 

How I became an expert on high-class hookers, by @VickyPJWard , seen here with Ghislaine Maxwell, it’s some of her best work tbh don’t you think, Jeffrey Epstein survivor @ArtisticBlower