im impressed by you defending nazis when i criticized them for hurting me

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if you think Twitter isn't trying to manipulate you, look to your right under "What's Happening."

Why would anti-Trump Lincoln Project feel the need to spend valuable election funds on anti-Trump billboards in Manhattan? Thoughts? I have one.

BREAKING: Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee, one of the world's richest people, dead at 78 - Yonhap

We won’t live on our knees begging tyrants like Michael Bloomberg or Joe Biden for permission to bear arms and defend ourselves.” –NRA-ILA’s Jason Ouimet#NRAMembersMeeting 

“We don't promise to try when it's convenient, we pledge our allegiance. Not to who's powerful or popular, but to the flag of the United States of America.” –Wayne LaPierre#NRAMembersMeeting 

Marty Obst, a top adviser to VP Mike Pence, tested positive for coronavirus this week, a source says

Archeologists have discovered a 2,000-year-old etching of a cat on the side of hill at the Nazca Lines World Heritage site in Peru. The never-before-seen glyph is approx 121 feet tall 🙀

No North Face jacket. No good news for Melbourne today. But further easing of restrictions in regional Victoria from midnight Tuesday. Back up to 100 active cases 🦠 @9NewsMelb 

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UPDATE: A new picture of the missing girls has been released. There have been sightings in Joplin and several in Tulsa. Call 911 if you see them or the black 2008 Honda Accord with Kansas plate "266 MXB."

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