if you dont accept reciprocity then I can only assume youre acting in bad faith and your only goal is to take from others

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If 95% of Americans wore masks in public, it could drastically reduce the amount of COVID-19 deaths by February, the study projects.

@maddow  on NYT reporting on Trump-China dealings: "Pres. Trump took nearly $25 million cash from sources linked to China and the Chinese government including a previously secret Chinese bank account just in the first year he was in office as president."

‘It is what it is because he is who he is’ —Biden slammed Trump for failing to lead on COVID-19

BREAKING: Samsung Electronics said Chairman Lee Kun-hee died on Sunday, the company said

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@bennyjohnson  alleges "the Biden family is the most corrupt family in modern political history."

Close political adviser to Mike Pence tests positive for COVID-19

"Your rights to be free end where they begin to harm me," Barb McQuade says about anti-maskers.

Global wealth hit $400 trillion for the first time ever, despite Covid-19

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Rep. Katie Porter brought out her iconic whiteboard to break down how Joe Biden’s child care plan will help working families