Hong Kong

The fact that Fredo is trending #1  in the US and Hong Kong isn't makes me sad

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Hong Kong

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Harris and Biden appear together for first time and excoriate 'failure' Trump

The world’s best hope for enough Covid-19 vaccine comes from India. Here's how the Serum Institute of India is preparing to crank out a billion doses

China Says Opposes Any Official US Ties With Taiwan Under Any Pretext

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Biden and Harris made their campaign debut in the time of coronavirus: Both came onstage wearing masks and did not physically embrace.

Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, is two decades younger than him—the potential vice presidency seems like merely a first step, @IsaacDovere  writes.

Massachusetts reported 229 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 18 new deaths on Wednesday.

“Morrison has made many mistakes during this pandemic. At almost every critical point on almost every contentious issue, he has been forced to shift position. He stopped travel from China but waited too long to block travel from the US.”

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd says Australia should be cautiously optimistic that current coronavirus restrictions are starting to work. #9News