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Too many people trivialize war and conflict. I pray no one in this country ever has to to truly experience it.
Dont like being called out do you? I guess your only recourse it to call everyone a nazi
What about when Antifa bashed a bike lock over a man's head while he was on his knees with his hands up?
If you are a communist who bashes people over the head with a bike lock you're not a normal human being. Altleft
It's not the rise of the far right alone that scares me. It's the media playing cover for the violent and extreme left as well.
The average left-leaning individual is not OK with the extreme violence
LIVE: THE RISE OF THE ALT LEFT: https://t.co/q6Dz0YdRam via @YouTube
LIVE NOW: Talking about the Alt Left. https://t.co/Z03zL8G5AO
Another Youtuber had nearly their entire channel demonetized. https://t.co/9Y2FK4U5WV
https://t.co/viRafreWgh LAUNCHES A PATREON ALTERNATIVE: https://t.co/AImlMVIU1c via @YouTube
underground media outlets and anarchist forums. try reddit anarchism and check other forums.
@CraigS @GlennGreenwald Nazis are pieces of shit and so are all the other violent psychopaths that think a world of violence is a good thing.
Antifa is even calling out @GlennGreenwald now for defending the right to free speech. People have lost their minds
It's very defensive of these people. I've watched them attack innocent bystanders.
While I don't agree 100% I find this read by @benshapiro very interesting. https://t.co/KDs9NpOtzU
Make no mistake, the laws they pass and the precedent they set against your rivals will one day be used against you.
two groups of violent identitarians beating, maiming, and killing. Enough said
anecdotal? they were throwing explosives at people https://t.co/orJyE7GwEB
watch the video. This guy on his knees is NOT a nazi https://t.co/Dr5TsVlKSp
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