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Professor Mark J. Perry has filed Title IX complaints against 28 women only "diversity" programs and awards. He says that by only allowing women they are excluding male and non-binary people from these programs and are illegal under federal law.

Twitter just automatically turned on that stupid "show me best tweets first" and my timeline is all out of order.

I use Twitter for news updates. I dont need news from 4 hours ago.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan: "Can you imagine if we limited freedom of speech because somebody's feelings might be hurt?"

Yes I can, the UK prosecutes people for hate speech all the time.

Papa John said the N word on a conference call in what was described as conveying "antipathy to racism."

He did not call anyone a racial slur.

Apparently even condemning racism is racist and you can lose your job.

Looks like the photos going around *are* of only one area and there are a few thousands in other areas across London
Is it seriously only a few hundred people protesting Trump in London or are there other areas of protest?
When the next civil war breaks out it wont be between 'right' and 'left' but between those who like The Last Jedi and those who don't
You can make your profile private and block people, whats the problem?
@robynkanner I thought this was the approved stance, was I wrong? When Antifa bike locked a dude over the head while he was on his knees thats what everyone said.
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