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What's more important, being honest to those who support you even to your own detriment or keeping secrets and lying to your supporters to protect your interests
Minds Minds Minds. MakerSupport is great but I really think people need to get on https://t.co/Vueaxhcv4r it is a complete social platform that allows one time and monthly support
the change and then the reversal and so disruptive its causing my supporters to complain.
Patreon is a garbage company. What the hell are they doing? If you support me on Patreon please switch to https://t.co/J7iDbD8fO4
@complaisanto @ViktorGodDoom @PamelaC71031448 @RAZ0RFIST @IllusiveThoughtne "Perceived " is there to differentiate between razor and my opinion on what is wrongdoing.

Private vs public is an opinion.
@ShawnMCron @IllusiveThought @RAZ0RFIST I love when people complain about my reporting when it highlights their tribes bad behavior but they praise it when impacts their enemies
@ViktorGodDoom @PamelaC71031448 @RAZ0RFIST @IllusiveThought well my philosophy is that people have a right to know.

If you think perceived wrongdoing should be kept secret that's just where our opinions differ
Great, well 3 years and an NDA is unreasonable and exploitative regardless of its language.
@RAZ0RFIST Contract is not standard practice and Kilroy is exploiting inexperience creators.

3 year NDA and 16 month NCA is about protecting IP and restricting movement of speakers.
@complaisantone That's not true, I recorded tons of content at DEFCON.

There is a difference between protecting sources and signing an NDA preventing me from producing any content.

Then you have the NCA which is insane.
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