“He is the president of the United States, and he is a threat to virtually everything that the United States should stand for.” - @DLeonhardt ⁩

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#Warriors’ Eric Paschall is not your typical rookie. @Con_Chron  explains:

The fourth #DemDebate  debate is only 30 mins away, and there have been ju-u-u-st a few notable developments out of Washington, DC, since the last time the candidates met. Here's how to watch them talk it all out on the debate stage

Auckland traffic live: Trains delayed, cancelled due to incident at Middlemore Hospital

Benioff: Amazon’s Seattle tax fight stoked tech industry opposition to S.F. homeless initiative

Garmin's new Swim 2 smartwatch can track your heart rate under water

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@nikiscevak  when i do "diversity in venture " panels (don't worry, at the request of people who are actually diverse), my standard line is "as a tall white straight male who went to stanford bschool and worked at google, my path into venture wasn't a typical one... "