Penn Wharton / Ivanka

Suddenly remembering that string of pledges by your father to Penn/Wharton in the 1990s — totaling at least $1.5 million — that coincided with the 1996 and 2000 enrollment there of you and Ivanka respectively:

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Penn Wharton / Ivanka

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Not sure I agree. Sure, most people couldn't place Ukraine on the map. But it's not the job of Kent and Taylor to speak to Trump's motivation. The are fact witnesses.

Lightroom on iOS will soon allow direct photo import from external storage

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Venice Battles Flooding Amid Highest Tide in 50 Years

@TalKopan  The results of the #impeachment  hearings are indeed predictable: The Democratic-dominated House will impeach President Trump and the Republican-dominated Senate will not remove him from office. Will there be a twist? @joegarofoli  has the story:

#DisneyPlus warns users of "outdated cultural depictions" in old movies

The Open Source way continues to have its benefits

@sherman4949  Meanwhile, Apple TV+ has "millions " watching but only for an hour. (That is, watching one show and giving up.)

This new study proves wrong the stereotype that #math  is harder for girls. #girlsinSTEM  #girlsintech 

Do not underestimate the wellness power of beans. (via @tenderlymag )

The problem is much bigger than even reported, because: “Still, many cities and some entire states failed to collect or report the data last year, limiting the conclusions that can be drawn from the F.B.I. report.”