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A year into the Trump presidency, voters in America's "Trumpiest" county like what they've seen so far. https://t.co/eqMsrrOQYW @bobdavis187 @joshjame
Liberal group calls Democrats 'weak-kneed' after spending deal https://t.co/ibnn2DL5GX by @joshjame
Meanwhile, at the Supreme Court:
“Most homeowners do not invite people over to use their living room as a strip club, to have sex in their bedroom, to smoke marijuana inside, and to leave their floors filthy,” Justice Thomas wrote.
https://t.co/NZT9FdHNKI (via @JessBravin )
'No' votes on ending shutdown came from 2020 hopefuls, blue states and budget hawks
Senate parking-lot attendants were deemed non-essential, and parkers were given a guide (below) on how to park. Chaos ensued. https://t.co/a5hkHmtXgZ by @JessBravin
Trump got the Democrats to fund his wall. Now he wants more.
The Washington DC area has three finalists on Amazon's narrowed list of 20 possible HQ locations
Terrific compilation from immigration scribe @laurameckler -- what's in the immigration plans and how they compare: https://t.co/ynW6NxYTGN
Confused on immigration? Here's how the Senate and House plans compare on Dreamers, wall, diversity visas, TPS, "chain migration," more https://t.co/ynW6NxYTGN by @laurameckler
In Reuters interview, Trump says of North Korea: "We're playing a very, very hard game of poker and you don't want to reveal your hand" https://t.co/honw1p2q83
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