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Young and old; black, white and Hispanic; men and women -- interest in the 2018 midterms is WAY up versus 2014 according to new WSJ/NBC poll. https://t.co/Ei8zeRWRlZ by @hookjan
Pollster says new WSJ/NBC results indicate the expected "blue wave" in the House now faces a “riptide of uncertainty" https://t.co/Ei8zeRWRlZ by @hookjan
New @WSJ poll: President Trump’s job-approval rating to 47%, the highest mark of his time in office, with 49% disapproving of his performance. https://t.co/Ei8zeRWRlZ by @hookjan
New this afternoon:
-- U.S. Charges Russian With Attempt to Influence Midterms
-- Mueller Probes WikiLeaks’ Contacts With Conservative Activists
-- Manafort to Be Sentenced in February
New from @WSJ: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is scrutinizing how a collection of activists and pundits intersected with WikiLeaks https://t.co/HbLKlpoE5R by @ByronTau @shelbyholliday @dnvolz
New: Federal prosecutors have charged a Russian national with conspiring to influence next month’s midterm elections, according to an indictment unsealed Friday, the first known case involving the November race. https://t.co/H6f2cGxf1p
Judge Nelson’s nomination slid under the radar. The same can’t be said for his gold Toyota Highlander SUV. https://t.co/wx4ZpkFduL by @JamesVGrimaldi @AlexaCorse
Investors have tried to buy every single lottery combination before. Like these guys in 1992 -- who bought 5 million out of 7 million possibilities, but ran out of time.
Latest headlines on Amazon #HQ2:

It's looking like Crystal City, Va! (NYT)
Could be DC area, but maybe NYC, Miami or Chicago (WSJ)
This @TimPuko @benoitfaucon scpop is, um, making waves this morning:

The Trump administration is pushing to ease rollout of new international rules to power commercial ships with environmentally cleaner fuels, fearing the measures will drive up costs https://t.co/i78a0vP7FC
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