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"I'm a mog. Half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend!"

Spaceballs is so good.
Corpses are piling up in the Faroe Islands (murder mysteries) https://t.co/xBQUzw053y
Kevin D. Williamson says Vox was the only outlet that called him for comment when writing on his abortion comments and controversy. https://t.co/QOIVPkEwVp
Kevin D. Williamson writes about his talks with Jeffrey Goldberg to join the Atlantic. He says he told him: "You know, the campaign to have me fired will begin 11 seconds after you announce that you’ve hired me."
Why did Trump doubt Mike Flynn's judgment?

Trump, lunching with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, thanked her for being the first to call to congratulate him.

Flynn piped up and said Russia's Putin, not May, was the first to call.

Trump had no idea.

The Comey memos reveal that Trump expressed concerns about Mike Flynn’s judgment just eight days after becoming president. https://t.co/sJnZaPk5lk
This story just got even stranger. A DC councilman -- who earlier apologized for posting antisemitic conspiracy theory that Rothschilds control the weather -- takes private tour of U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. And then quietly leaves halfway through it. https://t.co/133TF2TwY9
He told Stephanopulos: "It's possible, but I don't know." and later: "I think it's possible. I don't know" And: "still strikes me as unlikely... it's possible."https://t.co/nobJZp3231
Conservative group FreedomWorks has thrown its support behind Rep. Jim Jordan to succeed retiring Speaker Paul Ryan. https://t.co/Qki4oIoL08 by @kristinapet
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