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Author of Messy; Undercover Economist at the FT; presenter of BBC More or Less. (Please email if you want a response.) Views my own, of course.

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50 Inventions "is really a great book.... Your writing style is also really honed. Bravo!" - this text from a very old friend made my day. https://t.co/sTh26dsCAC
Implication 4: AI rarely replaces an entire human job directly. It tends to replace specific tasks – small slices of what we think of as a job. Reimagining/reengineering workflow will be an important competitive advantage.
As a bonus, the book has lots of good examples and is written clearly. I learned a lot. You can get it ahttps://t.co/OTMwCbo1ARt (US) https://t.co/s1yoRA2oypor (UK). And maybe buy “Fifty Things That Made the Modern Economy” while you’re at https://t.co/WHyEDaNcrgit.
“Prediction Machines” gratifyingly chimes with this idea: the authors argue that artificial intelligence => super-cheap predictions.
Space travel and supercomputers get all the press. Merely being cheap doesn’t. But being cheap can transform the world.
I have a fresh way to think about artificial intelligence, courtesy of a new book, “Prediction Machines”, by Ajay Agrawal @joshgans @avicgoldfarb
This conversation between @casparhenderson and @ChrisGoodall2 should be good. Monday evening 30th April, Oxford: https://t.co/DIDnnNVX8y
Lessons in the power - and limits - of chaos as a tactic, from Trump, Rommel, John Boyd, Jeff Bezos: https://t.co/IPqPsGRs1V
What is the cost of 'tractable' economic models? https://t.co/p4nPAej3uC Another fascinating essay from @Undercoverhist
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