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Author of Messy; Undercover Economist at the FT; presenter of BBC More or Less. (Please email if you want a response.) Views my own, of course.

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"A theory of Trump Kompromat" - @adamdavidson https://t.co/yQIYb0PcW9 - interesting explanation of how the kompromat process works
"His chapters are packed with fascinating detail and he has an engagingly wry style. His book is a superb introduction to some of the most vital products of human ingenuity." - nice review in the Sunday Times! Paperback out v soon https://t.co/fcOF2mXivF
Why Trump's tirades about trade have everything upside-down and back to front: https://t.co/v2ynmVJwYc
Interesting discussion of what Facebook does, and should do, about terrible people on the internet:
"researchers were struck by the finding that a higher-earning woman tends to talk up her husband’s salary more than he does... the financial equivalent of the tall woman buying her spouse stacked heels. The Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy of wages" https://t.co/Kqxn2tBIQK @emmavj
Five of the best introductions to economics: https://t.co/zXOuE2Ww6k
The topsy turvy logic of Trump’s trade tirades https://t.co/v2ynmVJwYc
Why bad technology dominates our lives, according to Don Norman https://t.co/VHKmQRNuNl
Interesting. @TheEconomist is calling for a second referendum. https://t.co/8Wyt06nWMD But note the final paragraph: "Be in no doubt, a referendum is a desperate remedy... How much better if Parliament were to spare the people and make up its mind."
How should the Fed respond to Trump's comments on interest rates?
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