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The @theACC  scheduling adjustment is yet another example of CFB’s lost soul. It’s not surprising as it’s clear The sport is rushing to the finish line. Good bet the Conference is looking to claim @NDFootball  permanently as they’re now a Title game LOCK! Everyone for themselves!

Tim Brando unveils new top 10 following Week 13 of CFB; Ohio St. is teetering. @GoBearcatsFB ⁩ should benefit. No one will convince me @BYUfootball ⁩ & @CoastalFootball ⁩ don’t belong. @OU_Football ⁩ & @CycloneFB  with late season JUICE!

I don’t expect much to change this week as the Weekly Standings represent as “starting grid” for the Pure Playoff Privileged.

@tnsimons  @theACCD  @NDFootballoesn’t matter who drove this, it really doesn’t it’s great for the ACC and awful for the credibility, dignity, and integrity (if any is left) of College Football. As I said, it’s all about “US”whoever US is! We’re destroying the fabric of CFB and it’s wrong. Covid era or not!

I was proud to hear @KirkHerbstreit  say what he did about teams opting out. No one is gonna question decisions during these unprecedented times, but without transparency it’s gonna happen. Gerrymandering the schedule in the @theACC  met with silence was noteworthy to my ears.

Way back Wednesday; a 4 decade collage of a journey that’s been incredible and one I don’t plan on ending anytime soon.👍

We need to get to the end 2020, and overhaul the infrastructure of the entirety of CFB. It’s a sport I love and I really don’t mind the fans of given teams social media hatred. It’s worth it. We need to address NIL, expansion to 8, a Czar & more discussed!

Kirk Herbstreit has major concerns about college football; Kirk’s on point and yeah a lot of what he’s saying is in lock step with my thoughts thru the years. Fans always pissed when their team is used as an example. Big picture snapshot taken! #Exposed  👍


Ya wanna disagree with @drewbrees  fine? Wanna question his timing? Sure. Painting him as a racist as a result of his answer? No! Sorry, but his personal views on how he feels when the anthem is played is just that, his American right. Just as it is, Kaepernick’s to take a knee.

Big Ten football decision marks darkest day in conference's history; Sometimes the political agendas of writers take over all other sensibilities. I’ve always respected & enjoyed reading Christine’s work, but there’s nothing here except liberal propaganda.

What’s clear in the @bigten  is division. Commissioner Warren dodged every question & every follow up from @BTNDaveRevsine  on his own Network. The vote originally leaked as 12-2 to the media, was done so incorrectly. It was 8-6, and it’s impossible politics didn’t play a role.

The CFB Playoff Committee has all their cronies on TV all day preparing everyone for Alabama privilege tonight. There’s no doubt they’ll drop only 1 or 2 spots. Committee will claim “eye test” and forget their non Conference schedule. An embarrassment! I dropped em’ 5 spots.

I’ve now seen replays of the key moments in tonight’s Texas A&M/LSU game. The most objective fans with zero dogs in the hunt could only conclude LSU had this game ripped from them not once, not twice but 3 times. Sadly, since it’s not part of the “Who’s in Debate?” No one cares!

Nebraska and the @Big12Conference  door may in fact be opening.

We’re in the midst of College Athletics DARKEST hour.Spin it as you like,but the weakest National Leadeship of a Sport playing out in front of us and it’s the one I’ve promoted & loved broadcasting for 4 decades.5 months of waiting and hoping as your plan? Dereliction of duty imo

NFL Officiating was sketchy before today’s game. Afterwards whatever credibility that had left.....gone!

The will have another busy monday morning in Birmingham. Ive seen it and they’ve earned it. I really don’t give a damn what others think. I’m hated by many at LSU, and don’t care. I say what I see, and that kinda injustice must be addressed. The veil of impropriety exists.