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Tim Brando

National Sports Commentator for @FoxSports. Husband to Terri & Father of Tiffany & Tara.

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Another young gun in the @PGATOUR  that’s really struggled missing a ton of cuts this year, @CameronChamp54  sent a message about his work ethic and character! Good for him! Live, learn and WIN! 👍⛳️😊

Next week I’ll be headed back to Arizona to get into 🏈mode and since it’s still summer the sticks 🏌️‍♂️will travel too. I play very little once toe meets pigskin I get out very rarely. However, as I like to say, “when the hay is in the barn in preparation ⛳️good for the soul.”🎙📺

Just spoke with an old friend @GregHughesNBCSG  from Tokyo and he explained their strategy and frankly from their perspective?I get it.I stand by my thoughts,however as it relates to the digital plan they have,and had not France won very few would have noticed. Win some lose some!

One reason I understand is in 1988 NBC created the Red White & Blue Cable Channel to augment their Network coverage. I was asked to work it but wasn’t allowed by ESPN. Cable in 88’ was sorta where Digital is today. Historically, Live Sports Anthology events have gone this route.

The approach of a Champ! ⛳️Clutch

My friends @RowdyGaines  & @DanHicksNBC  asked the Women’s 400 Free superbly tonight. 👍

I’m hopping on with @BobbyHebert3  & @MikeDetillier  on @WWLAMFM  in 10 minutes. There’s much to discusss👍🏈📺🎙

The only way that changes is if a lotta 💰changes hands and there’s plenty of that to go around.

A little summertime ON BRANDO: let’s talk @TexasFootball  and @OU_Football  moving to the @SEC  🏈 Link to video here:


Committee in the @CFBPlayoff  is no longer even subtle about their Power 5 Bias! Absolutely CORRUPT! @GatorsFB  loses to a 3-5 LSU team at home and drops 1 spot! @FootballUGA  over rated since the jump, and ke @GoBearcatsFBp  dropping? There’s no I repeat NOTHING but corruption!

Ya wanna disagree with @drewbrees  fine? Wanna question his timing? Sure. Painting him as a racist as a result of his answer? No! Sorry, but his personal views on how he feels when the anthem is played is just that, his American right. Just as it is, Kaepernick’s to take a knee.

Big Ten football decision marks darkest day in conference's history; Sometimes the political agendas of writers take over all other sensibilities. I’ve always respected & enjoyed reading Christine’s work, but there’s nothing here except liberal propaganda.

What’s clear in the @bigten  is division. Commissioner Warren dodged every question & every follow up from @BTNDaveRevsine  on his own Network. The vote originally leaked as 12-2 to the media, was done so incorrectly. It was 8-6, and it’s impossible politics didn’t play a role.

Nebraska and the @Big12Conference  door may in fact be opening.

We’re in the midst of College Athletics DARKEST hour.Spin it as you like,but the weakest National Leadeship of a Sport playing out in front of us and it’s the one I’ve promoted & loved broadcasting for 4 decades.5 months of waiting and hoping as your plan? Dereliction of duty imo

That’s something (backwards spike making it technically a fumble)that clearly the Replay booth, and in the @SEC  that goes all the way back to Birmingham and that’s not a good look! An apology should be made and the statement released late Saturday night a joke!