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Latest Scoops

MORE: Rep. Wilson stands by her account of call between the president and the fallen soldier's widowhttps://t.co/smsnQdy5gy.
Pres. Trump denies lawmaker's account of call with fallen soldier's family: "Didn't say what that congresswoman said. Didn't say it at all."
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House Oversight Committee may subpoena USDA, DOJ over air travel. https://t.co/WwYLzGsgqI
Gold Star family slams Pres. Trump for "selfish, divisive" actions after deaths of four soldiers in Niger. https://t.co/iW0m6CIpXv
AG Sessions to @SenatorLeahy: "I have never had a meeting with any Russian officials to discuss any kind of coordinating campaign efforts."
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After repeated questioning from @SenatorLeahy, AG Sessions says he has not been interviewed by special counsel Mueller.
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NEW: House Democrats demand subpoena for White House documents concerning foreign contacts made by Michael Flynn https://t.co/Tr0F26F6LJ
California passes bill banning pet stores from selling animals from any source other than shelter or rescue group. https://t.co/O7QboK3lvW
Sessions returns to Capitol Hill—and list of questions his old colleagues have has grown exponentially -@rickklein https://t.co/tE0ivzVNrR
Pres. Trump denies lawmaker's claim he told widow of fallen soldier "he knew what he signed up for" https://t.co/knqfGZHwB0
Michael Flynn Jr. likely to receive Senate subpoena after declining interview in Russia probe, source tells @ABC https://t.co/dYB30FtL6g
THE NOTE: Russia probe's spotlight turns to Jeff Sessions as he appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee today https://t.co/qe1wMfHj0v
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The move represents the 1st time US authorities have filed charges against major fentanyl traffickers based in China https://t.co/PS3HHOYYSi
Twitter vows to crack down further on hate speech and sexual harassment. https://t.co/8DIFmiclo3
Democrats, environmental groups slam GOP plan to allow oil, gas drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge https://t.co/XWCqBwBh2y
Nancy Pelosi visits memorial for Las Vegas shooting victims. "You will always be in our hearts." https://t.co/WazsEHdKNk
Congresswoman says Pres. Trump told widow of fallen soldier 'he knew what he signed up for.' "That’s so insensitive" https://t.co/Vwei3Yjpkr
Gold Star family slams Pres. Trump for "unbecoming behavior" after deaths of four soldiers in Niger. https://t.co/S4KjizDfdb
Economists call Trump's claim his tax plan will boost average household income by $4,000 inflated and unrealistic https://t.co/GoPDLJJC0q
FBI helping Malta investigate car bomb that killed Panama Papers journalist https://t.co/x5m6JqzkE4
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