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The official Twitter account of @ABC News' This Week hosted by @GStephanopoulos. Tweets by @aabramson, @evanmcmurry, and @nickirossoll.

Latest Scoops

Manafort and Gates discussed "press strategy" after he left Trump's campaign, emails reveal. https://t.co/sfD4v2hwuP
5 years after Sandy Hook shooting, plans for a permanent memorial take shape. https://t.co/jTojqzsVdQ
President Trump records robocall for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore. https://t.co/3i7OvA9kZ2
Pope Francis calls for a world without nuclear arms and for effective measures to combat climate change. https://t.co/pnbFV9AnOz
Most Republican leaders in Alabama say they plan to vote for Roy Moore on Tuesday. https://t.co/2q5XWbpA4v
Actress Connie Britton is the latest celeb to endorse Alabama Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones, who is up against Roy Moore. https://t.co/pCF9GvE6tc
After Pres. Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, @JamesAALongman reports, "tensions here running very high and violence can erupt at any moment." https://t.co/9i9AnLHMvi #ThisWeek
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LIVE: With the highly-anticipated Alabama special election just days away, @jejohnson322 and @MollyNagle3 break down the state of the race. https://t.co/KL9EvDmp4W
.@SenatorCardin on Alabama race: It looks like Republicans are "more concerned about having a vote in the Senate rather than who occupies that seat." https://t.co/1qrruYeQ6e #ThisWeek
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.@SenatorCardin: "I hope the people of Alabama will speak with a very clear voice that a person like Mr. Moore has no place in the United States Senate." #ThisWeek
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