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If you see someone bullying, being cruel online, in your social groups, at work or home speak up .. defend each other, protect, love and hold people accountable when they have messed up .. teach, talk, listen and understand. There is no one answer so every problem or heartache

But cancelling people or laughing on the side is toxic ... help each other to do better and we will be better ... I’m sick of people looking at kindness as a weakness or cringy ... it’s the most important thing we all have and costs nothing ...

Open your heart and remember the world needs all of us to make it beautiful, fun, interesting and exciting .tough times we all need support and understating ..compassion and just listen ... sometimes all that we need is that own person that holds us and loves us unconditionally

Yes I’m a presenter a DJ a journalist .. but I’m also a human being, a friend, daughter, cousin, so much more to all of us ... don’t forget that we are not just defined by the job we do ... sucess comes and goes ... we all continue to grow and learn ... It’s never the end .. ❤️

Always new adventures and memories to make with people that we love and love us ❤️❤️❤️

There is only one of you ... the way you think, laugh, talk, share and contribute to the world ... Gawd we need ya ❤️

This is not just a problem with celebrities and the media ... the #CancellingCultures  #Memes  #whattsappGroups  #Messageboards  #bullies  exist everywhere and mental health is a real can happen to any of us ... one minute you feel fine and than in total despair 🖤

I know it’s hard but when your mind is lost in messy fog & negative thoughts you have got to reach out and talk to someone who is in a better healthier place ... it’s not your fault’s an illness and not something you choose .. #NHS  #GPs  wake up and start helping more

Therapy, support, meditation, yoga, good environments, even a break ... and even medication to help you is how you will beat it and get better. So you can be happy again ...Life is tough and we are not supposed to be alone with it .. asking for help shows real strength ❤️❤️❤️