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My rich dad’s words of wisdom. “Always remember...Las Vegas was NOT built on winners.” In 2021 I would add. “Neither was Wall Street.” Be careful. In 2021 future losers are everywhere. Take care. Be smarter. Great investments are coming.

It is time for the American people to stand up and speak out and say we’ve had enough. Everyone one way or another is going to pay for the Democrats’ tax and spending bill. Inflation is already eating away at people’s pay checks. Enough is enough.

Two former Bank of America traders were convicted of rigging precious-metals prices by using an aggressive tactic known as spoofing

LISTEN NOW TO SQUAWK POD: SEC Chair Gary Gensler joins us to share his plan for taming the crypto ecosystem. Listen and follow the @SquawkCNBC  podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform:

#EIP3541  makes it impossible for new contracts starting with 0xEF to be deployed. The change is another step towards improving the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

$HOOD has traded more today then in its first four days combined. Here's chart (I threw in $MSFT for context). It's odd for volume to go UP post-IPO, normally it has big Day One then drops off (eg $COIN) but of course there's nothing normal about Robinhood.

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A 30,000 sq ft neo-Georgian building — 42 times bigger than the average London property — is undergoing a £30m-£40m transformation. Will London’s super-rich pay up to £100,000 a week to live in this mansion?

The WHO's call to halt booster shots is a "false choice," Psaki says, adding the U.S. will continue to donate vaccines worldwide and still have enough doses for Americans if health officials back a third shot

The explosion that tore through Beirut on August 4, 2020, laid bare the failures of Lebanon’s sectarian political system and the corrupt leaders who dominate it, @BazziNYU  wrote last year. The country’s problems will not go away without large-scale change.

On Monday, in sweltering heat, women’s rights activists + leaders traveled to @SenatorSinema 's Phoenix office to deliver 15,000 petitions imploring her to end or reform the filibuster so the Senate can remove the time limit on the ERA. by @fourthwaveprof :