James Jordan

James Jordan

I LEARNT TO SKATE! Dancing on Ice Champion 2019⛸ Instagram: JamesJordan1978. All enquiries contact Vickie at vickie@whitemanagement.co.uk

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Just seen that @gorkamarquez1  isn’t going to be one of the main pros this year on Strictly.... wow!!! What a waste of a brilliant talented dancer who made a big impact since he joined. Maybe he doesn’t tick quite enough boxes for the show 🤷‍♂️ But so happy for @Mr_NJones  👍

Can’t believe @AlexandraLukasz ⁩ and I have been nominated. Anyone that goes to the trouble to vote for us, I thank you 😘

Yo tweeps! @The_OlaJordan  has always wanted to go to Mykonos so trying to book something. Both of us have never been Can anyone please help with suggestions of a decent hotel over there with nice views, good location and great rooms etc etc Thanks 😘

Right guys , what to watch in the evenings now???

Good luck @IAmChrisRamsey  I have a feeling you are going to smash it! Can’t wait to watch you mate 🕺

Would have been the best TV if Greg had said he wanted to keep the 50K #LoveIsland 

How sweet was Greg and Ambers interview...... They both seem lovely #LoveIsland  I don’t mind who wins now, all deserve it

If Ovie had been in @LoveIsland  from day 1 he would have won with whoever he was with #LoveIsland 

Only just realised this is on for another 50 minutes 😩 Past my bed time! Well according to my Poll Greg and Amber should walk it #LoveIsland 


Hoping all my friends in Hong Kong are safe.... And all who have been effected by the terrifying typhoon This pilot needs a medal or something. True hero saving everyone

IM SO ANGRY The house should be told the truth! She’s turning everyone against Ryan which means they will nominate him every week. This is SO unfair. She’s a bloody liar and there must be something in the rules protecting him RYAN TO WIN #CBB 

‘PINCH AND A PUNCH FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH’ But don’t do it to Roxanne otherwise she’ll try and ruin your life 😂 #CBB  Have a great day everyone !

If Kim gets removed from the house I wonder if she will still want that cleaning job I offered her? @bbuk  #CBB  #CBBBOTS 

I’d like to add Ovie is the coolest person in that villa and a real man Went and got his girl and took her away from the toxic situation OVIE FOR THE WIN !!! #LoveIsland 

This is actually uncomfortable TV #CBB  Lucky is mentally strong because this would have broken many people. I have never witnessed such evil first hand. KARMA IS A BITCH AND ITS COMING TO GET YOU ROXANNE LETS GET THIS #RYANTOWINHASHTAG  TRENDING “RT”

RT if you wish you could skip through the VT’s on Strictly?