Ties Record Emmys Series / Single Season

‘Game of Thrones’ Ties Its Own Record for Most Emmys Won by a Series in a Single Season#Emmys  #GameofThrones 

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Ties Record Emmys Series / Single Season

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Facebook thrived off the spread of "hate speech, disinformation, and conspiracy theories" as a way of increasing site traffic. "It increases polarization," says tech investor Roger McNamee. "If you can't agree on the facts, you can't have debate, you can't have compromise."

BABY SHARK: When a group of protestors in Lebanon noticed they scared a baby, they started singing "Baby Shark" – the international solution for calming down a toddler ❤️️🦈

In Opinion "Justin Trudeau better take this minority seriously. The prime minister of Canada, re-elected on Monday with a less powerful government, can’t ignore his country’s racism problem anymore," Cheryl Thompson writes.

People failing to wash their hands after going to the toilet, rather than undercooked meat or other food, is behind the spread of antibiotic-resistant E. coli, according to new research.

Boris Johnson says Jeremy Corbyn has "spent a political lifetime supporting the IRA". @FactCheck  looked at the Labour leader's history with Northern Ireland in 2017:

The curfew in Chile's capital is the first since the end of dictatorship

When Bill Taylor "got done with his opening statement... you could hear a pin drop in the room," says Rep. Jim Himes about the closed-door testimony by the top US diplomat in Ukraine. "The Republicans are trying to defend the indefensible."

Apparently Every Democrat In Existence Used the Term "Lynching" To Defend The Clintons

Coast Guard Cutter Stone, a Legend-Class National Security Cutter currently under construction by Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc., recently transited across the shipyard to the dry dock, then launched. Stone is the 9th NSC built by Ingalls Shipbuilding. 🎥: @HIIndustries 

The Washington Post's David Ignatius says there is a "tone of moral outrage" in Bill Taylor's opening statement to House committees as part of the impeachment inquiry.