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LIMBAUGH SAYS AMERICA NOT READY TO ELECT “GAY GUY”: Rush Limbaugh, who recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, faced backlash after questioning Pete Buttigieg’s electability because of his sexuality – the co-hosts react.

PASSENGER PUNCHES WOMAN’S SEAT: The co-hosts react to a viral video of an airline passenger punching a woman's reclined seat in front of him.

JANET'S SUPER SURPRISE!😱 On Wednesday, Janet Jackson surprised @TheView  co-hosts and our audience with tickets to her #BlackDiamond  world tour!

Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Romney’s vote to convict Trump: "When I saw Mitt Romney practically in tears talking about how he had an obligation, that he took an oath and that he was not going to back down on that oath, to me, that's courage."

"He's probably out there running laps." A Texas father hears his dead son's heartbeat in the chest of a woman who was a transplant recipient of the 21-year-old's heart.

In #ThePhotograph , Lakeith Stanfield’s character takes his shot and asks out Issa Rae’s character, but is that how the two would prefer to pursue someone in real life?

“There’s not a day that I wake up, I open my eyes that I don’t think of Beau,” Jill Biden says of her late son when asked if they feel his presence on the campaign trail. “Every morning I get up and I say I hope he’s proud of me,” Joe Biden adds.

The last time Nick Kroll was here he looked... different. 😬

IMPROMPTU WEDDING! Our own @JoyVBehar  officiates a wedding for lovebirds Sarah and Bo on #ValentinesDay  as @TheView  is transformed to a wedding chapel in a minute!


"God is good." @ciara  gets a special #MothersDay  message from her husband @DangeRussWilson  and her two kids that brings her to tears. ❤️

@ananavarro  on Rubio calling “left wing politicians & many in the media demanding outrage” over Trump’s "go back" tweets “self-righteous hypocrites”: “Self-righteous hypocrisy is tweeting Bible verses every day and remaining silent while this president puts children in cages.”

OH SNAP! @RavenSymone  shares the details of her big news — a 'That's So Raven' spin-off: "I'm very excited!"

See Whoopi Goldberg's emotional reaction when Patrick Stewart officially invites her to return to #StarTrek  for season two of #StarTrekPicardPicard : “It was wonderful having you, and we cannot wait to have you with us again one more time.”

@SirPatStew  officially invites @WhoopiGoldberg  to join season two of #StarTrekPicard : “It was wonderful having you, and we cannot wait to have you with us again one more time.” #StarTrek 

? #BTS  MANIA! ? Our @WhoopiGoldberg  is across the pond — and she met K-pop superstars @BTS_twt !

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@BTS_twt  says they’re “honored” to tie the Beatles’ record. “We’re all fanboys of The Beatles, of course,” they tell @GMA . “We just feel so honored to be with the greatest names in music.” #BTSonGMA 

Pete Buttigieg explains why he says America needs an emergence of a “religious left”: “Living your faith might also have to do with paying more attention to those most in need and not celebrating those who already have the most wealth and the most power.”

Pres. Obama tears up as he pays tribute to the first lady: "You have been my best friend." #ObamaFarewell 

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