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An open-source model like this could flip the housing industry on its head and start a paradigm shift, says BCollective president Chris Hill.

“They weren’t just passively accepting what was happening to them,” reflects @Khelsilem . “They were very active in driving the agenda to advance the community and its people.”

Fentanyl played a role in 85 per cent of the deaths in 2021 so far, compared to five per cent in 2012. B.C. remains slow to respond in making safe supply readily accessible to users.

“The radioactive heart of the story is Anthony Bourdain’s decision to end his own life. As the film winds towards the inevitable conclusion, a downward, freefalling vertigo begins to happen. You know what’s coming.”

Since last August, Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu granted three dozen patients and 19 health-care professionals exemptions to use magic mushrooms. @TheraPsil  is now providing resources to terminal patients to make their case in court.

Tom Sandborn: The kids we meet in “Crip Camp” were born into a world where buildings had no wheelchair ramps and sidewalks lacked the curb cuts that make it possible to get around in the city in a wheelchair.

Unmarked graves of children on the former grounds of residential schools should be cause for newfound urgency to make the healing centre happen, says COPE park board commissioner John Irwin.

At first, his taste buds didn’t get it, writes @bychrischeung . But as an adult and in a heat wave, smoky plums are bright, tangy, sharp and cooling. What’s your chilling concoction?

The port promised $1 million to improve Crab Park, but it’s in a state of disrepair, note advocates. Temporary toilets are frequently dirty and offer little privacy, and the field house has sat empty and fenced off for months.

What was once blamed for glorifying violence and promoting addiction found a new helpful, calming, and positive role during the pandemic. 🐨🎮


Red dresses hang along a road near the Unist'ot'en healing centre, where residents await RCMP enforcement of an injunction to evict them from the area. The red dresses have become a symbol of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls in Canada. ? by @amandajfollett .

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“Canada appears to be doubling down on the colonial relationship, instead of making things right. “Meanwhile, the blueprints for change exist and have been carefully charted for decades.”

Yesterday, 215 pairs of shoes were placed on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery as a memorial to the latest, shocking reminder of the cruelty wrought by colonial institutions.

Canadian police forces have received millions of dollars from oil companies, banks, and financiers, through shadowy charitable foundations that have little public oversight. #vanpoli  #cdnpoli 

“I have never in my life seen a tree that big on a truck.” The photograph got 15,000 shares and some called it fake. It’s real — and for many, it became a symbol of the ongoing battle over #OldGrowth  logging in B.C. @A_MacLeod_Tyee  reports. #BCPoli 

“We hope that all the insurers will drop out of ensuring the TMX pipeline, and that it will fall through as it is not an economically viable or environmentally viable project,” said a protestor.

“I think these 215 sacred little kids managed to pierce through this dehumanization, this idea these kids are statistics. People can viscerally feel these were little children, and they died alone, afraid and away from their family.”