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  3. me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
me at the beginning of the semester vs me now


🇺🇸 USA! 🇺🇸

@FrankyRizardo is in the hot seat for this week's DRadio Takeover 🔥

Including bangers from @rivastarr // @GreenVelvet_ // @Mark_Jenkyns // @dariodattis

Tune in now! 💥 https://t.co/K1yvR3fI6R
#ThreeBillboards is the fourth film to win three #SAGawards and now it’ll try to be the first to turn those into three #Oscar wins https://t.co/fQqLRWAWHU
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.@amyewalter explains recent polling data that shows registered Democrats are more likely to actually visit the polls than Republicans. #PBSNEWS now
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"We, too, have had a change in leadership this past year and in our own way have experienced what the Potters are going through now."
When Beyoncé said "it's not the cheating that hurts, it's the type of bitches he cheats with, now I have to look her in her eyes & see she had half of me & she isn't even Half of me".. I FELT THAT IN MY SOUL!
"We now have this opportunity, and everybody should join forces, everybody who wants to make sure DREAMERS are treated fairly, and get this bipartisan deal out of the Senate," says Sen. @ChrisVanHollen (D-MD) on the #governmentshutdown deal.
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"Now Derrick was my second born named after my mentor my oldest brother, this is truly coming from my heart for I'm a lost for words. I wanna thank my wife for picking [me] up of the floor cause I couldn't stand..." https://t.co/cfHHeEcoU4
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#BREAKING The stopgap budget plan passed by Congress is now headed to President Donald Trump for his signature. https://t.co/sDSRu3GMhc
NEWS: The House has passed a continuing resolution that will fund the federal government through Feb. 8 and end the government shutdown. The vote was 266-150.

The measure now goes to President Trump for his signature.
#BREAKING: The House has passed a stopgap bill to end the government shutdown; The legislation will now head to President Trump for his signature https://t.co/cqfvc3D7Zc
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