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  3. me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
me at the beginning of the semester vs me now


A limited edition Steelbook is on the way for #ReadyPlayerOne! Pre-order now in-store & online to guarantee your copy: https://t.co/qe8jmqYVbm
According to @Rosenbergradio, we're experiencing the golden era of hip-hop right now.

Which years do you personally consider the golden era? 🤔

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We now pay tribute to the incredible crafts-people, best known for their contribution to television, who have sadly died over the past year. On our website we maintain a testament year-round to those in our industries who have passed away https://t.co/903NKrE1dw #BAFTATV
"Now we have a presidency who's basically the most famous person on the globe, on the planet. That is not the way the framers intended it," @jdickerson tells @margbrennan https://t.co/KbFYDFLenC
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#IFeelPretty is the perfect movie for a #GirlsNightOut. Hear from the cast & get tix now: https://t.co/egjYnsTreU
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Nisha Mohite has been in the UK for 8 years and has been developing anti-cancer drugs. She has now been refused to stay permanently because of a minor tax discrepancy from 2010. She has been told her character 'is not good enough to settle in this country.'
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You've followed their journeys from the beginning. Now, you can be the judge and vote TONIGHT for your favorite @AmericanIdol singers!
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And my supervisor in Cambridge...Professor Keith Glover who became the Head of Engineering Dept, the largest Dept in the university xxx so proud to be #HonoraryFellow #OutreachToStateStudents. I will never forget where I came from #FreeSchoolMeals...donate student bursaries now
Now and Then: The Same People 30 Years Apart in This Street Photographer`s Project https://t.co/M3b90vRq2f
Napoli to win and THREE or more goals in the game was 5/1 NOW 6/1

👉 https://t.co/4N4N0X1xcZ
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