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? England's #Ashes  Test win was mostly due to the brilliance of @benstokes38 . But Australia had plenty of chances to stop him

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When the president leaves a presser — and won’t answer a question about why, in “ten of the previous 15 years before the 2016 election, you paid zero dollars in income taxes -- is that appropriate?"

$70,000 in deductions for hairstyling - cuz it’s a “business expense.”

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Is it just me or is the Times weirdly credulous about Trump's losses? Trump has been exaggerating losses to avoid taxes for decades. It's silly to interpret his current "losses" as signs of financial distress rather than another tax avoidance scheme.

MOTAT Covid-19 exhibition explores Kiwi ingenuity during pandemic

Everyone pay your kids and write it off like a consulting fee. See if you go to jail. LMAO! (Don’t do that.)

BREAKING: Just hours before a midnight deadline, a judge has halted Trump's ban on TikTok in Apple and Google app stores —

Following a flurry of papers, an idea once considered "crazy" has come back to life: That a hidden population of “primordial” black holes could conceivably constitute dark matter, a hidden thumb on the cosmic scale. via @QuantaMagazine 

Americans trust LinkedIn and Pinterest with data, but not Facebook By @RebeccaBellan 

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In need of a weekend boost? Sit down with 'Captain Marvel.'

Trump’s closing argument taking shape: Only suckers defend their country or pay taxes