Arecibo Observatory Puerto Rico

Last week, the iconic telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico collapsed to the ground after decades of astronomical discoveries.

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Arecibo Observatory Puerto Rico

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"The customs procedure, the Single Market procedure, is a 30-year-old system, it's far too arduous, we will never get to a [sustainable] level of trade."

Me before and after being administered the RTE Adrenochrome when I am on the wireless.

Joe Biden Speaks in Houston, What Follows Should Make You Question Everything – RedState

The PM must decide if there’s a place in his cabinet for someone with an unresolved rape accusation against them. My statement on the allegations against a minister in Scott Morrison’s Cabinet:

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Review: Savage Created the Swiss Army Knife of C-Stand - Newsshooter

Raising the level of JobSeeker has been so politically popular that until this week, neither side of politics has done it for 20 something years. Of course it should be materially higher - but there are few if any votes in going down that path.

#CPAC @SenTomCotton  said conservatives everywhere and "normal Americans" "see risk everywhere they turn" due to cancel culture.

This man was Chief Engineer on the last 4 Mars landings, and was an Advisor for Perseverance! His reaction is priceless: #Mars2020  RT * OwenSparks_ NASA