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The National Archives will allow ICE officials to delete or destroy documents that detail the sexual abuse and death of undocumented immigrants, despite receiving tens of thousands of comments and hearing the objections of dozens of lawmakers.

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3M’s CEO, Michael Rowan, seems to think he’s the US Secretary of State. His refusal to stop the export of face masks in light of the pandemic is an act of treason. He should be forced to resign and then arrested for his incompetence.

Fridays used to be my favorite day of the week because my granddaughter came to the house for piano lessons now she takes him in her house via the Internet with her teacher. I really miss her.

It’s all the more reason we must commit to vote in November for the re-election of POTUS to continue to purge the corruption. No sinister campaign in history compares to what we’ve witnessed the past 3 years in their attempts to stop our success.

It’s tragic the democrat party and the mainstream media is willing to sacrifice a robust economy, low unemployment, prosperity, and wealth simply because they hate one man.

Kind of amazing that Carnival still has THOUSANDS of passengers at sea (and only hopes to get them all ashore by the end of April). via @JonathanJLevin 

Divorces are spiking in China as couples emerge from their coronavirus quarantines

Can this startup help solve the Covid-19 test shortage? @wheresKR 

Looks like a setup. The guy looks towards the door for the gunman. RT Remix@AnnaCAAlves  When the thief become hero... via @ForcedHappenst1  Cc @BerryYNWA  ·

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