Azealia Banks Nicki Minaj Jealous / Cardi Called Doja Cat

Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj Is Jealous Of Cardi B And Should Have Called Out Doja Cat

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Azealia Banks Nicki Minaj Jealous / Cardi Called Doja Cat

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Voting by mail shouldn't be a partisan issue––especially during a pandemic. Everybody should be able to request an absentee ballot, and make their voice heard in every election.

Just a casual reminder that the richest 1% of Americans is responsible for 70% of all unpaid taxes.

A coal lobbyist runs the EPA. An automaker lobbyist runs the Department of Energy. An oil lobbyist runs the Department of Interior. A firearms lobbyist is in charge of gun policy. This is the most corrupt Administration in the history of the republic. No contest.

Evictions may soon leave ~28M homeless in the United States. We are on the verge of a wave of evictions if Congress doesn’t swiftly act to ban evictions and foreclosures during the pandemic—and pass my bill to provide $2,000 monthly payments. Time is of the essence.

Do we even know if Trump thinks that Russia putting bounties on our military is wrong? Has he even said that?

Get registered and find out how you can vote by mail at .

It’s no surprise that crime rises when Democrat mayors: -Belittle the police -Defund the police -Call to abolish the police And of course, they’ll probably ask for a federal bailout one day to save their cities.

McConnell says in KY that “no bill will pass the Senate without” liability protections for hospitals, doctors, nurses, business, schools. Pelosi said last week: “Don’t say, ‘You’ll have to go back to work even if it isn’t safe” and remove “all responsibility from the employer.”

White House turns on Dr. Anthony Fauci as disaster grows out of aggressive state openings | Analysis

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