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The Root is a digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives.

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Cosby Accusers May Not Testify at Sentencing Hearing, Judge Says https://t.co/oxYUc3eS5p
Report: Trump's ex-lawyer tried to finesse White House funds to pay legal fees of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates https://t.co/I9aQZ6jIPe
"I just don't think he has the kind of integrity to be on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court."

EGOT recipient @johnlegend is not here for Brett Kavanaugh.
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Award-winning actress Noma Dumezweni on being Hermione, a mom and a Brit on Broadway https://t.co/sLBikeSisi
Rihanna for President! No, seriously, Rihanna has a new government job in Barbados https://t.co/4CyHrXOFvC
Brett Kavanaugh belonged to a frat that once chanted 'no means yes, and yes means anal' https://t.co/c3rqY7kvgI
#WhyIDidntReport: A List of Reasons for Every Time It Happened https://t.co/xSTJeaawRe
Conservative Ed Whelan posts bizarre conspiracy theory about the alleged Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault https://t.co/Ll1q9saTPE
Senator @KamalaHarris sat down with #TheRoot to talk about Brett Kavanaugh and the historic wave of black candidates running in 2018.

(And you know we had to ask about 2020.)
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