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The Root is a digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives.

Latest Scoops

A deal has been struck for a pilot production with ABC and New York Undercover is officially coming back to your screens! https://t.co/3k8feYH8rJ
In a victory against Boston’s police commissioner and district attorney, a federal judge ruled that cops cannot arrest citizens for secretly filming them: https://t.co/PeRzjVyEoH
.@TeenVogue’s new editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples threw some #BlackGirlMagic on her first cover and incorporated one of the greatest athletes of all time, @serenawilliams: https://t.co/LmgMfbsNhS
The 2019 Screen Actor's Guild nominations are out and some black men made the cut, but it was quiet for black women and not one was nominated this year: https://t.co/FhaMbFpqzE #SAGAwards
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“Do black lives only matter during election years?!”

@AyannaPressley shook the table and gave Democratic Party donors a stern, and much needed lecture about their priorities: https://t.co/yvLDzhnL7t
After being Questioned by a #BlackLivesMatter activist, Tennessee’s governor announced that his office is considering offering clemency to #CyntoiaBrown, a sex trafficking victim currently serving a life sentence for first-degree murder: https://t.co/yB1XQ8crHf
Temple University issued a statement admonishing professor Marc Lamont Hill for controversial comments he made about Israel & Palestine.

But while they expressed their disappointment with his remarks, they also affirmed his right to free speech: https://t.co/Z3JIjokNMD
The #NetflixAndChill analytics are out and shows with black representation were top on the list!

@strongblacklead wants you to know that this is a movement and not merely a moment: https://t.co/r1XVTAChfr
Few things you need to know about Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama this am:

1) Her book has sold 3 million copies in the U.S. & Canada.
2) She's added 21 new dates to her book tour.
3) Her hair continues to be laid like a bridge over troubled waters: https://t.co/FAiQo2NYkZ
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The family of a 9-year-old girl says racist bullying lead her to commit suicide: https://t.co/9Y9McR5EHq
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