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The Root is a digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives.

Latest Scoops

A member of Delta Sigma Theta is accusing an Ohio restaurant of racial profiling after police were called at a sorority gathering: https://t.co/2e8R87jvDY
Report: Suspect arrested in murder of rapper XXXTentacion https://t.co/jvD2D0c4II
California cops cry blue tears over new proposed bill inspired by #StephonClark: https://t.co/NCZCVNUFxt
Texas girl who was slammed to the ground by police at a pool party in 2015 wins settlement: https://t.co/KdEdlCSSyc
It’s not slavery, it’s not Japanese internment—Trump’s immigration policy is like the Great Migration: https://t.co/HTnLteAALg
“White Civil Rights Rally" planned in Washington D.C on anniversary of deadly #Charlottesville rally: https://t.co/yXRVReqZM6
Virginia woman hit and dragged by truck after white man called her the N-word; family calls for hate crime investigation: https://t.co/ej8KWpd8xB
'Wite Pride': #BlackLivesMatter activist's truck vandalized with swastikas, racial slurs https://t.co/rUxNOcnFGG
Is Michael Cohen About to Flip on Donald Trump? https://t.co/ObwcA8R7Bv
Woman who lied about being raped by black man in a parking lot sentenced to 45 days in jail: https://t.co/b9BV8f22G5
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