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The Root is a digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives.

Latest Scoops

Russell Simmons is Being Sued For $10 Million by Alleged Rape Victim https://t.co/feAF9mZYsm
#StephonClark: While Activists Take to the State Capitol, NBA Player Offers to Pay For Funeral https://t.co/eDDRcHy8il
#BlackPanther is taking over the world. With that #BlackExcellence comes the responsibility of sharing our culture.

Is it tough to accept the levels of admiration of our culture?
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Say Their Names: Remembering the father and 17-year-old musician whose lives were cut short by the Austin bomber https://t.co/XJF3WfCBfn
Protesters marched through the streets of Sacramento, California demanding action and justice in the death of 22-year-old #StephonClark:
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In today's episode of whypipo whypipo-ing, behold the "Dread Train" https://t.co/hBRzKOQUcD
They said it was private. She said it was on-the-record.

Here's what went down at that conference where a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist was kicked out for writing about Michelle Obama: https://t.co/H2QEp7n51w
How To Survive In America: A list of things black people should avoid doing when police are around https://t.co/NCVPuYwkX3
"There's no such thing as one woman. So there's no such thing as one feminism."

#JezeRoot—a collaboration with @Jezebel in celebration of #WomensHistoryMonth—asks, about feminism:
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