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LATEST: Shamina Begum delighted to have UK citizenship revoked.
Theresa May sends "greeting" to Independent Group
Not much chance of Chris Grayling jumping ship (he doesn't have any ships, you see, it's a joke).
There’s a new meme in town to answer the unanswerable questions – 11 perfect examples.
BREAKING: Downing St reacts to threat of 3 Tory MPs defecting to new Independent Group by simply revoking their UK citizenship.
Clearly now the Independent Group comprises 8 MPs they should change title to "Everyone 8's us and we don't care".
#recap The best skiing stunt you’ll see today, or your money back. via @MeanwhileinCana
A Japanese photographer captures great shots of cats living their best lives.
People are sharing the weird things they used to eat and drink as kids – our 23 favourites
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