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Trump is privately worried Don McGahn's testimony could lead to his impeachment, a new report says. That's a key tell. Trump is trying to close down oversight everywhere, but his power to do this isn't limitless. And that's making him angry. New piece:

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As rage over killings of black Americans sweeps the nation, the Department of Justice has all but abandoned broad police investigations

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The extent to which Britons think the USA is a racist society: Very racist: 40% Fairly racist: 40% Not very racist: 6% Not racist at all: 2%

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Cyclone Nisarga's current path forecast shows the storm headed towards #Mumbai . #CycloneNisarga  | @devgoswami 

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“At some point, if you keep pushing somebody and pushing somebody, they sure as heck will push back,” says Mel Reeves, a Minneapolis activist who has organized protests over the death of George Floyd. Listen to the full interview on POLITICO Dispatch 👉

I will be giving my daily briefing at 11:30AM. Watch here:

Tom Cotton seems to enjoy two things in life above everything else: children’s birthday cake and threats of military intervention.

Chicago Dem mayor illustrates “progressive” governance: Want to open your business? I'll send cops to arrest you! Want to riot, burn & loot? I'll tell cops-Hands off, stand aside and let ‘em do it! Gather in church? Not protected by the 1st amend; gather in crowds to riot? OK.