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Greg Sargent
trump is privately worried don mcgahn s testimony could lead to his impeachment a new report says that s a key
Trump is privately worried Don McGahn's testimony could lead to his impeachment, a new report says.

That's a key tell. Trump is trying to close down oversight everywhere, but his power to do this isn't limitless.

And that's making him angry.

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Donald J. Trump
thank you msnbc real professionals chucktodd maddow
Thank you @MSNBC, real professionals! @chucktodd @maddow
Narendra Modi
wonderful evening with the indian community in japan watch
Wonderful evening with the Indian community in Japan. Watch.
Narendra Modi
began the series of interactions in osaka with an excellent meeting with my friend pm our talks covered the fu
Began the series of interactions in Osaka with an excellent meeting with my friend, PM @AbeShinzo.

Our talks covered the full range of India-Japan relations.

Extensive cooperation between India and Japan augurs well for the citizens of our countries and the entire world.
PMO India
the iconic hyogo house in kobe is all set to host a community programme for pm pm modi will address the progra
The iconic Hyogo House in Kobe is all set to host a Community Programme for PM @narendramodi.

PM Modi will address the programme shortly.

Several members of the Indian diaspora in Japan are attending the programme.
The Hill
trump campaign buys massiveyoutube homepage ad for democratic primary debate
Trump campaign buys massiveYouTube homepage ad for Democratic primary debate
Caroline Lucas
extreme heatwaves in europe should be twice in a century events says this is the third deadly heatwave in 16 y
Extreme heatwaves in Europe should be twice-in-a-century events, says @metoffice

This is the third deadly heatwave in 16 years

The five hottest summers since 1500 have all been this century

This is what a #ClimateEmergency looks like

Jeremy Corbyn
our armed forces deserve the very best support for what they do not the deteriorating pay and conditions that
Our Armed Forces deserve the very best support for what they do - not the deteriorating pay and conditions that have been imposed on them.

Labour will guarantee a better deal for servicemen and women.

David Lipson
indonesian constitutional court rulings vote buying unfounded money politics unfounded state apparatus bias un
Indonesian Constitutional Court rulings:
- Vote buying: Unfounded
- Money Politics: Unfounded ❌
- State apparatus bias: Unfounded ❌
- Press restrictions: Unfounded ❌
Administrative violations (structured, systematic, massive fraud: Beyond its remit ❌
Judicial Watch ?
ca settled with jw amp is taking steps to remove 15m inactive voters from the rolls its important for electio
.@TomFitton: “CA settled with JW & is taking steps to remove 1.5M inactive voters from the rolls. It’s important for election integrity because dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections. Cleaning up those names from the rolls is essential to good governance/clean elections."
some eminent personalities from telangana join bjp in the presence of shri pmuralidharrao at bjp hq
Some eminent personalities from Telangana join BJP in the presence of Shri @PMuralidharRao at BJP HQ.
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