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Trump Slammed For Signing John McCain Defense Bill Without Praising How Many People It Will Kill https://t.co/ZEFa4GLHnF
Mayor Of Phoenix Apologizes For Naming Berlin Germany Of 1941 As Sister City https://t.co/aHJJjHTPOx
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Unable To Answer Any Questions About Administration After Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement https://t.co/ZtTuj67mmc
Wedding DJ Finally Gets The Chance To Listen To Some Black Eyed Peas On His Own Time https://t.co/i7mRchr6Xm
37-Year-Old Makes Absolutely Heartbreaking Last-Ditch Effort To Get Really Into New Band https://t.co/aXWm6riGIQ
Orca Mother Carries Around Dead Calf For Two Weeks As Warning To All Who Would Defy Her https://t.co/xTcMbzZE1Y
Crestfallen ‘Unite The Right’ Organizer Eats Swastika Cake Alone After No One Shows Up To His Rally https://t.co/jXt0BLYaTR
Millions Of White Nationalists Gather In Streets, Offices Around Country To Normally Go About Day https://t.co/2jp6gfyG4b
Man Deeply Suspicious After Insurer Covers Prescription Without Hassle https://t.co/Jc1nzj3tAX
Nintendo Reveals ‘Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Will Allow Characters To Repeatedly Punch Self In Face To Freak Out Opponent https://t.co/bPiICN8bJC
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