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UFC World Champion. Two division Cage Warriors World Champion. Making history EVERYDAY!! #NOTORIOUS #EIRE

Latest Scoops

What an honour to watch our very own @KatieTaylor live tonight in Boston!
This lady epitomizes hard work, passion, drive, and laser like focus!
A motivating inspiration!
Congrats Katie… https://t.co/ijLypPxo5d
What an amazingly productive and enjoyable week.
Thank you all for your support. Truly!
We have reached unprecedented new heights with our liquid gold, @ProperWhiskey.
And it is thanks… https://t.co/XV6oMHy3AP
McGregor and The Proper do Dallas!
McGregor Productions.
Video player
An honour to be on the field here in Dallas, Texas supporting the @dallascowboys!
Proper 12 is everywhere out here and WE LOVE IT!
The Octagon is next.
McGregor x Jones x Murdoch. Congratulations to the @dallascowboys on a phenomenal performance today!
@dak jmheath5 @EzekielElliott on that billionaire buzz straight to the top!
Enjoy… https://t.co/4dhTElUITO
A great night in Denver Colorado for @properwhiskey.
Thank you coach Shanahan for hosting us 🍀🥃 https://t.co/IatZs2pnOA
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