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Immunisation experts have recommended the AstraZeneca vaccine age limit be raised to 60, but official government policy has not yet changed, @JoshButler  reports. #

Busy venues, including a David Jones and a National Australia Bank, have been named as exposure sites after a second community COVID case was detected in Sydney.

#BREAKING The virus cluster in Sydney's east has grown to three, with a fourth suspected case. Authorities are on "high alert" with Sydneysiders asked to restrict movements and wear masks on public transport. #COVID19nsw 

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More photos have appeared online of Prime Minister Scott Morrison enjoying the hospitality of British pubs on his recent jaunt to the G7.

A COVID-positive nurse who was caring for patients in a coronavirus ward also attended two shifts at a different Melbourne hospital. Authorities say this was an "operational error" and should not have been allowed to happen.

China has launched three astronauts into space in its first crewed mission in five years.

Pauline Hanson has been accused of trying to give herself and other older, high-income earners a $1500 tax cut in a late change to a controversial superannuation bill. #auspol 

Sydneysiders with plans to travel interstate for the school holidays will need to keep a close eye on the growing list of exposure sites, amid a concerning coronavirus outbreak in NSW.

#BREAKING A massive outage that has brought down several major banks has also hit Australia Post and Virgin Airlines. Have you been affected?


#BREAKING Scott Morrison says the federal government has elevated Australia's emergency response in anticipation of the WHO declaring a coronavirus pandemic #auspol 

John Hewson says Scott Morrison's 'marketing' approach to running government mimics another former PM whose end game was only to win the next election at the expensive of good policy .

In a carefully worded draft which does not single out China, the countries back Australia's calls for an “impartial, independent“ probe into the response to COVID-19 and its origin including how it spread from animals to humans.

Skipping this year's Golden Globes to fight the NSW fires, @russellcrowe  got Jennifer Aniston to read out his acceptance speech: “Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate-change based.” #australiafires  #australiaburns  #goldenglobes 

A pigeon who just flapped his way across the Pacific Ocean – surviving a 13,000 kilometre journey – is now facing euthanasia. Apparently two weeks in hotel quarantine won't do.

News Corp published 130 stories linking the summer bushfires to arson even though evidence shows none were lit by firebugs. If Murdoch says it's raining – look out the window, writes @MichaelPascoe01 .

#BREAKING An international research team says it can prove manmade climate change led to Australia's bushfires this summer. It comes a day after Nationals senator Matt Canavan suggested the CSIRO couldn't link fire weather and climate change.

Two years after the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins inside Parliament House, no formal changes in policy have been made. #auspol