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After scientists in the US discovered a glow-in-the-dark platypus, Australian scientists put other mammals and marsupials to the test.

These fed-up F–king residents have finally had some good news.

Fires are burning in at least two states, while others have issued total fire bans as a wave of heat moves east across the country.

Why are so few of our young, wealthy Australians women? Here's a look at the ladies knocking on the door of the billionaire boy's club.

Chrissy Teigen has lashed out at a journalist after they questioned Meghan Markle’s decision to share her story of miscarriage.

Here's how much you need to exercise to be healthy, according to the World Health Organisation.

Australia could supercharge its electric car industry, but instead the government is putting on the handbrake. #auspol 

Meanwhile in South Australia: Police arrested two intruders in separate incidents yesterday – both under rather odd circumstances.


Skipping this year's Golden Globes to fight the NSW fires, @russellcrowe  got Jennifer Aniston to read out his acceptance speech: “Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate-change based.” #australiafires  #australiaburns  #goldenglobes 

#BREAKING Scott Morrison says the federal government has elevated Australia's emergency response in anticipation of the WHO declaring a coronavirus pandemic #auspol 

In a carefully worded draft which does not single out China, the countries back Australia's calls for an “impartial, independent“ probe into the response to COVID-19 and its origin including how it spread from animals to humans.

@Spotify hits 40 million users. @rihanna  & @Eminem  top male and female artists:

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News Corp published 130 stories linking the summer bushfires to arson even though evidence shows none were lit by firebugs. If Murdoch says it's raining – look out the window, writes @MichaelPascoe01 .

After Kevin Rudd called Murdoch media a "cancer on democracy", former Liberal leader John Hewson has backed a call for a probe into media bias. As of this morning 166,905 people have signed Rudd's #MurdochRoyalCommission  petition. @JoshButler