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New charges filed against Manafort in Russia probe https://t.co/ZvZ8U8IXiA @TheLeadCNN
.@NYGovCuomo: GOP gun proposals ‘incremental’ & 'political pandering' https://t.co/p2VgcRQNMY @TheLeadCNN
FBI tip line caller warned gunman ‘going to explode’ https://t.co/UxTYXbbYqd @RosaFlores reports @TheLeadCNN
Trump: school security guards don't ‘love the children’ https://t.co/w89ORYcVvQ @TheLeadCNN
Sources: Coral Springs police upset at some Broward deputies for not entering school https://t.co/6kas954wHk @jaketapper reports @TheLeadCNN
Today, Trump doesn't mention raising age limit on semiautomatics to 21 https://t.co/ShQD65II7b @ryanobles reports @TheLeadCNN
Panelist: Odds of Manafort guilty plea just went ‘way’ up https://t.co/ytMIQJVOWT @TheLeadCNN
Ex-Trump aide becomes 5th guilty plea in Mueller probe https://t.co/Cekw5scJHc @SaraMurray reports @TheLeadCNN
"We just have to avoid the temptation to follow the Administration's line that brings the discussion down to the absurd," says NY Governor Cuomo on Trump's ideas for gun reform. "The answer isn't more guns.” https://t.co/7z2QyFd4Ia
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The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the schoolhttps://t.co/GkAm8yujCZ.
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