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Panelist: Kavanaugh giving Fox News interview shows he's worried https://t.co/h6q3nqTXdQ @kaitlancollins @SymoneDSanders @amigoaguilar @MajorCBS discuss @TheLeadCNN
.@ChrisCoons: Kavanaugh should submit to lie detector test https://t.co/BGVVPigAwL @TheLeadCNN
McConnell calls new Kavanaugh accusation ‘smear…smear…smear’ https://t.co/e4pROORVj4 @kaitlancollins @SymoneDSanders @amigoaguilar @MajorCBS discuss @TheLeadCNN
Kavanaugh/Ford hearing remains Thursday despite Dem calls for delay https://t.co/0JpO7ToD68 @SchneiderCNN reports @TheLeadCNN
Ex-CIA official: No doubt Russia investigation must proceed https://t.co/pBOUTACqpv @kaitlancollins @thelauracoates @MajorCBS discuss @TheLeadCNN
Fate of Rosenstein, who supervises Russia probe, up in the air https://t.co/EgpSWcmvaU @LauraAJarrett reports @TheLeadCNN
"If Judge Kavanaugh wants to set this record straight, there are easy ways for him to come forward. An interview on Fox news doesn't quite rise to that standard," says Sen. Chris Coons suggesting Kavanaugh "submit to a lie detector test" https://t.co/5PLk6kwk7C
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"There is still plenty of time for the FBI to investigate these allegations," says Sen. Chris Coons: "This is about the reputation, the credibility of the Supreme Court" https://t.co/5PLk6kwk7C
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"The Senate Majority leader calling this a smear campaign is a small dog whistle to the base of the Republican Party... suggesting he doesn't believe these women," says @SymoneDSanders https://t.co/5PLk6kwk7C
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Philip Mudd: Jay Sekulow suggesting we take a 'pause' in the Russia probe is like saying "we're in the midst of the NFL season, we're changing the general manager, let's take a couple of games off" https://t.co/mzFLPFiRyX
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