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Undocumented immigrant: if U.S. sends me back to Honduras, MS-13 will kill me https://t.co/B4tksR2VBa @CNNValencia reports @TheLeadCNN
DHS: 2,000 kids separated from parents at border over 6 week period https://t.co/VACrSZn7NA @jaketapper reports @TheLeadCNN
Trump supporter: it's wrong to separate immigrant children from parents https://t.co/d9fCbTDbnB @DavidChalian @SymoneDSanders @ScottJenningsKY discuss @TheLeadCNN
CNN source: Cohen telling friends and family he’s willing to cooperate https://t.co/xSDMaX1sBk @brynnCNN reports @TheLeadCNN
.@ScottJenningsKY: Other presidents didn't praise Kim, but most haven't gotten this far https://t.co/SblGfWIpVs @DavidChalian @SymoneDSanders discuss @TheLeadCNN
Trump continues lavishing praise on Kim Jong Un https://t.co/pvb51ahLiy @jeffzeleny reports @TheLeadCNN
Does Mueller want Manafort to flip or is he ‘the big enchilada’? https://t.co/j0kZJnpK63 @thelauracoates @joshscampbell discuss @TheLeadCNN
Giuliani signals a possible pardon for Manafort https://t.co/Gcp8O4Yc64 @SaraMurray reports @TheLeadCNN
Manafort going to jail as Michael Cohen considers cooperating with Feds https://t.co/1qyardHCFv @jaketapper reports @TheLeadCNN
An undocumented immigrant says that if she is sent back, MS-13 will kill here: @CNNValencia tells her story
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