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President Donald Trump said he will review the case of Army Major Matt Golsteyn, a Special Forces soldier and Afghanistan veteran charged with pre-meditated murder. CNN's @jimsciutto reports. https://t.co/NKD2ZYlZ9s
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Trump travel ban blocks mom from seeing 2-year-old son https://t.co/Xk45WGc6ZQ @dansimoncnn reports @TheLeadCNN
Panelist: Trump undercutting own military by reviewing soldier's case https://t.co/rMtMfAX5qE @BillKristol @SymoneDSanders @DavidJUrban @jrpsaki discuss @TheLeadCNN
Trump reviewing ex-Green Beret's case after story on Fox News Channel https://t.co/NPcOJ5boRY @jimsciutto reports @TheLeadCNN
Flynn associates charged with illegally lobbying for Turkey https://t.co/bsz1hdszvh @KaraScannell reports @TheLeadCNN
Urban: Where was this bold Comey when Trump asked him to lay off Flynn? https://t.co/kfujvLPxoA @BillKristol @SymoneDSanders @DavidJUrban @jrpsaki discuss @TheLeadCNN
Comey unleashes on Trump, GOP over attacks on FBI https://t.co/se9aKbWcvn @mkraju reports @TheLeadCNN
Fmr. CIA agent: Russia is trying to change U.S., not just elections https://t.co/rueo3spMuX Phil Mudd discusses @TheLeadCNN
Senate report: Russia still has ‘active’ election interference efforts https://t.co/wh3yTJZtga @MarquardtA reports @TheLeadCNN
Kristol: GOP not such a 'law and order' party anymore https://t.co/xscJ8fLf5i @BillKristol @SymoneDSanders @DavidJUrban @jrpsaki discuss @TheLeadCNN
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