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Will Trump stop listening to advisers who told him to back Moore? https://t.co/kDPrtRvFbU @jeffzeleny reports #TheLead
Will Roy Moore saga have lasting impact on Trump?
https://t.co/NXtw6HTVsH #TheLead
Fmr McConnell Chief of Staff: Bannon doesn't know what he's doing https://t.co/FxVtkg15WU #TheLead
Warner: Mueller probe isn’t biased – he & Deputy AG are both GOP https://t.co/rKBRpccc4O #TheLead
Warner: Trump finances may be relevant for counter-intel https://t.co/thqLe5ULwl #TheLead
Counterterror boss: Trump anti-Muslim rhetoric makes job tougher https://t.co/smoMnp1Rkr @jimsciutto reports #TheLead
Warner: A lot of legitimate questions Trump Jr. needs to answer https://t.co/POT5hLzMXZ #TheLead
Three losses for Trump in Alabama race https://t.co/GzoX9HLUNm @jaketapper reports #TheLead
Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein: We recognize we have employees with political opinions, and it’s our responsibility to make sure those opinions do not influence their actionshttps://t.co/xbyK1LLBc9https://t.co/SHV4gQGqia
Text messages between top FBI employees dreading Trump's victory released to Congress amid demands to see them https://t.co/xbyK1LLBc9
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