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New 'High-Risk' Deserialization Exploitation Technique Discovered in #PHP Programming Language


This Exploit Makes PHP Object Injection or Unserialization Attacks Easier to Execute Using Widely Used File Operation Functions.
A 16-year-old school boy hacked #Apple Servers—not once, but numerous times—and downloaded 90GB of secure files. Now that's embarrassing!


Teen claims to have hacked the company because he is a huge Apple fan and dreams of working there. —by @unix_root
Discovering persistent XSS #vulnerability (CVE-2018-11512) in wityCMS 0.6.1 – a lightweight content management system https://t.co/wnpRCTgr63

–via @alienvault, @nandwaninathu
New #PHP Exploitation Technique Could Leave Thousand of Websites at Risk of Hacking, Including #WordPress Blogs


—by @security_wang #hacking #infosec #cybersecurity #programming
AT Command extraction tool for Android security researchers


It supports firmware images from Samsung, LG, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, motorola, ASUS, AOSP, Nextbit, Xiaomi, OnePlus, LineageOS, HTC, Sony and more.

via @Digital_Cold @uf_fics
3 New Speculative Execution Side-Channel Vulnerabilities Discovered in #Intel Processors https://t.co/eRax88y3yr

#Foreshadow Attacks Target:

► Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) — CVE-2018-3615
► OS and SMM — CVE-2018-3620
► Virtualization software and VMM — CVE-2018-3646
Google Patches A Chrome Browser Bug (CVE-2018-6177) That Could Have Allowed Remote Hackers to Find Out Everything #Facebook like Sites Know About You —by @unix_root


PoC Released.
New Deal — Get CompTIA Certification Training Only For $59


Bundle Includes 12 Courses:

CompTIA A+
.. Security+
.. Cybersecurity Analyst
.. Cloud+
.. Cloud Essentials
.. IT Fundamentals
.. Linux+
.. Mobility
.. Advanced Security Practitioner
.. Network+
Instagram Got Hacked — In a Widespread #Hacking Campaign Attackers Locked Thousands of Users Out of Their Accounts.


Some Victims Claimed They Even Had #Instagram's Two-factor Authentication Enabled.

#InstagramHackedH#InstagramHackacked Hack
Watch Out! Cybercriminals using a new 'simple yet effective' technique to bypass #Microsoft Office 365 anti-phishing protections


—by @Swati_THN
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