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Don't make him angry - check out this announcement for new guests at the Calgary Comic Expo 2018 #yyc #yycarta#calgaryexporhttps://t.co/RmG1SadDU9t
Calgary police have released new details about the events following a double homicide in May and say they are still looking for the man in this image, but not the car:

Look for Santa in one of the @ltmuseum’s historic vehicles this festive season! 🚂🎅🏻 https://t.co/UrIS01qHsi #ChristmasinLondon
@SethAMandel hilarious. She implies the problem is not that Sen Gillibrand had sex for donations, but that Trump went public with this information.
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“It’s proudly queer and it never feels like Campillo is toning anything down for a wider audience.”

Sillily enough, we didn't report on this epic flick – but its definitely in our top threehttps://t.co/hOP9ZfnjnH:
Happy #Hanukkah! The Jewish festival of lights starts tonight, and lasts for eight nights. This is an 18th-century Hanukkah lamp – each night one light is lit over the course of the festival
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🎼Pitchmas came early this year!🎄 @BlackInkCrew, @LoveHipHopVH1, and some of our faves on @RuPaulsDragRace are aca-mazing, putting us in the mood for some holiday cheer! #PitchPerfect3
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@MoNscience Doctors we interviewed for this story rely on medication-assisted therapy (also known as opioid substitution therapy) to treat fentanyl addiction, given the technique’s previous history with stymying heroin use and its related overdoses.https://t.co/mPmoUzR1WQ
Love how Twitter is showing video ~views~ again.

Now, just divide this ~view~ total by like 20 for a number that's closer to the truth
Join me tonight for this FREE event at Liberate in Hollywood!
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