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One of the dumber and least respected of the political pundits. -- Donald Trump

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"I got women that -- they're the greatest, and I have tremendous women support." -- President Donald Trump

"They put those two charges on to embarrass me. They're not criminal charges, number one." -- Donald Trump

"The investigation partly arises out of materials seized in the federal probe of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s business dealings, according to people familiar with the matter."

"I did a great job, Trump World Towers, a very tall building right opposite the United Nations, and when you build a building people always get together at the end and they make a settlement with the owner." -- President Donald Trump

"I have people that I love and that love me, frankly, that includes a lot of women. I've got a tremendous percentage of women last time, remember?" -- Trump

"Look I've done a good job on the economy, but I've done a very good job in foreign relations." -- Donald Trump

"We have great strength. Nobody's ever done what I've done. " -- Trump

The 29 most surreal lines from Donald Trump's Fox News interview

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