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  3. 'north korea believes eventually we're going to accept a nuclear north korea,"- general jack keane #thefive
'North Korea believes eventually we're going to accept a nuclear North Korea,"- General Jack Keane #thefive


.@mccaffreyr3: I think the problem is we are going to end up with a nuclear armed North Korea - our strategy will be preemptive nuclear strike when we think they're about to launch #AMR
Can peaceful methods stem North Korea's nuclear missile programme? Expert analysts will debate the issue in New York on 15/02. Join the discussion: https://t.co/wZcI93EKHF
"The basic reason it's there is to say to the United States, 'Get out of South Korea or we will bomb ... Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles'," says author @bradleykmartin on the role of North Korea's nuclear program in the Olympics.
North and South Korea unite for Olympics amid tense nuclear standoff https://t.co/VcUArLRvFZ via @todayshow
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