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Hey it’s #FanMailFriday ! Get your questions in! #TheFive
From immigration reform to the economy to which political party prefers lattes, we have a busy show today on The Five! Tune in at 5pm ET! #TheFive
It's #FanMailFriday on #TheFive today - you know the drill, what questions would you like to ask the hosts?
For our Memorial Day #FanMail special, we'll be answering YOUR questions from social media. What would you like to ask the hosts?
It’s the debate setting the internet on fire. Tell us what you hear. #Yanny or #Laurel
Attention #Five fans - tomorrow is #FanMailFriday! Get your best questions in now and see the hosts answer them 5pm ET!
It's Five-o-clock in New York City and this is #TheFive! @greggutfeld @kimguilfoyle @JesseBWatters @DanaPerino @TheJuanWilliams
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