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Happy birthday, @MichelleObama. I’m on my way to Costco to pick up something for you. Do you still need Preparation H?
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What an incredibly loyal fan base I have. Thank you so much!
“The aid is going to get through. I think ultimately the question is whether it gets through in a way that he’s cooperative with or in a way he’s not. ." -- Senator @marcorubio on whether Maduro will let humanitarian aid into Venezuela.
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Friends capture you best 🦋
📸 @TomFelton
Happy Independence Day Kosovo. Grateful to call you home ❤️😊🇽🇰
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In light of the current situation the team of Total Dhamaal has decided to not release the film in Pakistan.
24 hrs in San Jose 🇺🇸 Great to see everyone at Mission San Jose High School
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Jeff Hart was a noted literary scholar who wrote speeches for Nixon and Reagan. But his greatest impact was on a whole generation of Dartmouth students whose lives he changed. His real legacy is us. RIP
It's all because of YOU. ❤️ The #BBMAs are LIVE Wednesday, May 1st on NBC.
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Happy Birthday to #TraceyEdmonds! Make sure you check out her new show GAMES PEOPLE PLAY on BET this April!
Dear Friends,
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou - for all your lovely birthday messages.
You have made this Birthday Gal very happy!

My Birthday Wish today is for us all to take some time every day to IMAGINE PEACE: Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace.

I love you!
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Among all the duties and responsibilities you must fulfill today, take a few moments to do something for yourself.
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