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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. http://www.ellentv.com

Latest Scoops

Nobody loves a state fair more than my producer, Matt. Nobody loves a good food review more than @KalenAllenTPC... which is why I sent them to the Minnesota State Fair. https://t.co/eAlmaOlYdq
If @CarrieUnderwood had even a speck of glitter on her, I would have escorted her out of the building.
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This is Emma and Ava. I have to meet Emma. I also have to meet Ava. https://t.co/2eYwS6vtTR
Did you see the viral video of the husband in shock after finding out his wife was pregnant again? Well, I shocked them again.

Watch the full clip on @ellentube: https://t.co/EPqhPsk0Rc
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I just confirmed the gender of @CarrieUnderwood’s second child. https://t.co/UyYSbFIdiH
Baby Shark do do do do do. Ellen Show do do do do do.
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There’s a new Harry Potter deck in @HeadsUp! It’s so much fun... tell your friends. @TheKalenAllen https://t.co/IE1tUea9TQ
.@OfficialJLD is a gift to us all, in so many ways. This video just might change the world. https://t.co/6cgOGbwsRz
At least it wasn’t a robot trying to kill you. Thanks for having fun with us.
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