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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. http://www.ellentv.com

Latest Scoops

#SplittingUpTogether is on tonight at 9:30! Happy “Curls Night Out.” @jennafischer
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Happy birthday, @JoeBiden! From your favorite crew. @BarackObama
Now you can play the "Dynamic Duos" deck in @HeadsUp – thanks to the dynamic duo in the new movie "Bumblebee." #ThanksSponsor https://t.co/A71CUsU09j
Today was so much fun. I ❤️ you, @ChrissyTeigen.
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When you’re so tired from #Thanksgiving dinner, but Aunt Linda brought pecan pie.
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Your DMs are gonna be lit.
You could be a dancing elf for the 12 Days of Giveaways and win 12 Days! All you have to do is make a creative video and send it to me on @ellentube. #ThanksSponsor https://t.co/1v6yRXzt6c
I discovered a lot about @chrissyteigen while she was my co-host. For instance, she gets haircuts during commercial breaks, and she hates her feet. https://t.co/4IQeenCwes
I did a special #BlackFriday edition of 12 Days for my audience. Surprise! https://t.co/1NKMR4UYeX
Sounds like the way to @Michaelb4Jordan’s heart is to slide in his DMs. @chrissyteigen
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