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Happy birthday, @MichelleObama. I’m on my way to Costco to pick up something for you. Do you still need Preparation H?
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.@goldiehawn and Kate Hudson have had a lot of amazing moments on the Warner Bros. lot. Today they added another one. https://t.co/iDrssRcDs2
This is really fun. Now you can play @HeadsUp in @houseparty! https://t.co/bLFUQaFjS1
You mean not everyone’s mom shows up at sleepaway camp on a sea plane? @theOliverHudson @GoldieHawn https://t.co/2iTr5JFlpV
Something I learned today: @GoldieHawn loves balls. https://t.co/qUq549srH2
Happy birthday, @IAmSteveHarvey! I did your #10YearChallenge for you.
I tried to help out on the homefront while Kate Hudson and @GoldieHawn hosted the show.
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Happy birthday, @BettyMWhite! You will see, the biggest gift will be from me, and the card attached will say thank you for being a friend.
Today my incredible guest hosts are Kate Hudson and @GoldieHawn!
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We tested @AllisonBJanney’s #TasteBuds in today’s game. I love her and this game so much. https://t.co/SXoNO1CaM9
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