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  3. for the first time in decades, the biggest foe to rules-based trade is the man in the oval office
For the first time in decades, the biggest foe to rules-based trade is the man in the Oval Office https://t.co/e84ERPTbou


#MeToo is the very first time in my life that I've felt that *now* things will change. *Now* things will be different.

If that really does come to pass, then all the contentiousness and bitterness and bullshit shouting of the modern political age will have been worth it.

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FTC FTC Brings First-ever Action Targeting “iV Cocktail” Therapy Marketer: Order settling complaint bars Texas-based firm and owner from making unsupported claims that iV cocktails can treat serious diseases and produce fast, long-lasting results The… https://t.co/XhKVbiftkH
There could be another reason for the recent bond sell-off — the ongoing trade war. There is some fear the Chinese could weaponize their massive holdings of US debt and use it to gain the upper hand in the escalating tariff battle. https://t.co/Hg4NZurMAY
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$ROKU Off to the races. Watch the $74.25 area (all time high). If it breaks, looking for $90's
Washington has tried to use trade policy to push China to reform in the past, to no avail. Now, with the United States considerably more reliant on the Chinese economy than it was a few decades ago, success seems even less likely.
Will the US-China trade war have an impact on global growth? It's been slowing for a while already... https://t.co/nw4m14qkac
News wires saying Freeland is heading back to the USTR's office. I thought talks were scuttled for the week? At least they aren't saying 'I'm confident of a deal by Friday' for a third week in a row...
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