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  3. for the first time in decades, the biggest foe to rules-based trade is the man in the oval office
For the first time in decades, the biggest foe to rules-based trade is the man in the Oval Office https://t.co/e84ERPTbou


The biggest technology companies are coalescing around a handful of urban areas that are already winners in the new knowledge-based economy, including New York, Washington, Boston and Austin, Tex. Our reporters explore why: https://t.co/42FJykdCud
Read Gartner's first "Competitive Landscape Report for Subscription and Recurring Billing Management" to find out the latest trends & key vendors #subscriptionbilling#recurringbillinghttps://t.co/pvD0YUdydr
If I had a dollar for every time the word "internship" came up in any conversation with anyone older than me between Freshman and Senior year of college I could pay off my student debt: https://t.co/aB3wq8WS32
For the first time, more than half of the world’s population of nearly 8 billion will be using the internet by the end of 2018 - @ITU https://t.co/y95CkFVkQP #ITUdata
@SwiftOnSecurity @docsmsft Exact. First time we gave a customer the list of reg keys, they sent back their script which was the spreadsheet exported to a login script that set every single key at every login.
For the first time ever, the Senate used its authority to order a president to end US military operations abroad. @bindersab explains why that matters: https://t.co/n4J1GDkjAL
@Bc1906Trader they are always hedged and this is how they roll hedges out in time. they hand them over to panic buyers here. the new buyers will lose and big money stays hedge for free/ish or cheap. this way they save their hedges from death by reviving it with "revisit the low " meme bs. $SPY
Today is the lowest close for the S&P 500 since April 2. It's now down 11.3% for the all-time high close from Sep 20. This is sharping up to be the worst quarter in seven years.
@GarnhamDa @SkyNewsvid That does not mean that 90% of trade is conducted under WTO rules. Most of it is conducted under multilateral and bilateral trade deals built on the WTO framework. And even where there aren't trade deals, there are nearly always other agreements, quotas and stuff.
The Dow fell 2%, putting the three major U.S. stock indexes in correction territory together for the first time since March 2016 https://t.co/bIaoh4qJ8h
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