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Covid-19 will one day become endemic, a bit like the flu. But how governments get there is crucial

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EARLIER: A fight broke out during a House Judiciary hearing Thursday morning after Rep. Nadler blocked Rep. Jordan from playing a video of parents at school board meetings

Gaetz asked AG Garland today whether DoJ could trust the impartiality of former congressional staffers who now work in the Public Integrity Section. Two prosecutors from that section are working on the Gaetz child sex trafficking case. w @nytmike ⁩

“Male allies are key to what we are trying to achieve”—Bonnie McGeer, executive editor, @AmerBanker ⁩ at the Most Powerful Women in Banking gala #MPWIB 

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JUST IN: Dental records prove remains found in a Florida park are those of Gabby Petito's boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, the FBI says

Tonight, @WH45OTMP  joins an @JennPellegrino  me to discuss the bombshell admission from NIH that Fauci and Collins lied under oath about the Wuhan Lab. 9pm ET on Newsmax TV, join in!

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Snap shares plummet 24% over effect of Apple privacy changes

My friend and fellow AG Denny Roberts has died. He was a lovely man, and a kind friend, and I am very sorry.

Pfizer's booster shot restored full protection against symptomatic Covid-19 to 95.6% in a large-scale study of 10,000 people

The move underscores the complicated politics of the Democratic Party as President Biden tries to get both wings of his party on the same page to pass a piece of legislation that could be the totality of his legislative accomplishments.