What makes Kathleen Stock’s case so illustrative is that her credentials—liberal, lesbian, feminist, OBE—are so impeccable and her claims so vanilla

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Time for orderly resolution for Evergrande is running out

Dark money groups hate it when democracy gets in their way, and they’re spending millions to attack voting rights and keep themselves in power. We need transparency, and my DISCLOSE Act is the answer.

Gaetz asked AG Garland today whether DoJ could trust the impartiality of former congressional staffers who now work in the Public Integrity Section. Two prosecutors from that section are working on the Gaetz child sex trafficking case. w @nytmike ⁩

EARLIER: A fight broke out during a House Judiciary hearing Thursday morning after Rep. Nadler blocked Rep. Jordan from playing a video of parents at school board meetings

262 days later, Melbourne lifted one of the world's longest Covid lockdown. Residents rushed to local pubs to celebrate

“Male allies are key to what we are trying to achieve”—Bonnie McGeer, executive editor, @AmerBanker ⁩ at the Most Powerful Women in Banking gala #MPWIB 

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Our tracker of proposed congressional maps — and whether they might benefit Democrats or Republicans in the 2022 midterms and beyond:

🎁 President Biden surprised Vice President Harris with flowers and a framed photo for her 57th birthday on Wednesday