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The British government’s innovation strategy includes plans to make all graduates of top global universities eligible for visas, whether or not they hold a job offer

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Really good piece by @SineadOS1  on how abandoned assets like cargo ships, or antiquated assets such as bridges, roads and aircraft, can be managed proactively instead of reactively. The cost savings could be in the trillions of dollars.

shitstorm latest: when the government said it was impossible to stop sewage storm discharges - because it would cost £150bn - they meant it was actually possible after all

MEMO to #XRParmy : @EleanorTerrett  is putting the finishing touches on her #XRP  - @Ripple  regulatory road map. She will be exceedingly fair and will give ALL parties a chance to weigh in and influence our final product. Stay tuned

As the world turns... Only 1 continent is currently on the rise with Covid: Europe@OurWorldInData  England's cases are in decline 👍 But Central and Eastern Europe are soaring

EFFECT → Soaring prices. Empty shelves. Energy crisis. Economic anxiety. IRS spying. Surging debt. Crippling taxes. CAUSE → Joe Biden (But he really, really wants you to believe it all costs nothing!)

There is no conclusive evidence yet, but I suspect several Republican members of Congress will end up being implicated in assisting the 1/6 attack on the Capitol, which is why you see the GOP line quietly shifting to “1/6 was actually a good and noble thing”.

Dracula isn’t the only vampire to be afraid of during #Energyween  🧛‍♂️ Learn how to slay the energy vampires that are sucking up power and taking a big bite out of your wallet.

I kinda like avocado toast & pro level coffee tbh :) Starbase cuisine does an amazing job with those.

The event curve for symptomatic infections in the age 5-11 Pfizer trial presented at FDA today (2 doses given, 3 weeks apart)

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