Ethiopia's Tigray region is getting only a fraction of the food needed to keep its 6m inhabitants alive, hardly any fuel and no medical supplies at all

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If the plan costs zero dollars, why does the Biden administration have to keep cutting things out? Almost like it was all a lie from the beginning....

#ECB's Lagarde: Period of higher #inflation  will last longer than we had expected.

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RT if you don't want your local bank turned into an IRS reporting unit.

Nicaraguans are traveling to Honduras to get the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines

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BREAKING: The US economy grew at a 2% pace in Q3 – the worst so far in the recovery and well below 6.7% in Q2. The Delta variant and supply shortages took a major toll. There’s hope for a pickup in Q4.

President @Lagarde  has just presented the Governing Council’s monetary policy statement. Read the statement

@GLOBALFOUNDRIES  Congratulations@GLOBALFOUNDRIES ! 🎊 With an at-scale manufacturing footprint spanning the U.S., Europe and Asia, $GFS is a trusted technology source to its customers across the globe.

This is yet another deal that will make life harder for poor and middle-class Americans. @AmericaNewsroom  @marthamaccallum  @BillHemmer  @FoxNews