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Sport is a serious business—and while audiences are bigger than ever, their attention spans are shrinking ⁠

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White House unleashes attacks on its own employee during impeachment testimony

Jeremy Corbyn says he wouldn’t do any deals with SNP or anyone else #ITVDebate 

So now apparently I am a "fuckwit" and "thick as pigshit" because I expressed concern about antisemitism in the Labour party. I'm afraid this rather reinforces my concern. In my experience, people who resort to insults have run out of arguments.

If I wanted to watch two men stuck in the past row about how to deliver Brexit, I would have invited my uncles round for Christmas dinner

Amb Kurt Volker “I dont think pursuing conspiracy theories are in our national interests” He’s basically rebuking Trump’s requests to Zelensky

US stocks finished mixed, but the Nasdaq Composite eked out yet another record-high finish. The Nasdaq climbed 0.2%. The Dow ended 0.4%, or 103 points, lower. The S&P 500 fell 0.1%. All three major stock indexes hit at all-time closing highs on Monday.

Will farmers get a boost after China lifts its ban on U.S. poultry? Insights via @CMEGroup 

Merkel is sticking to her guns in allowing Huawei to participate in Germany’s 5G network, over her party's objections