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Ocean plastic pollution is a growing problem. Which countries are the worst offenders?

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Sanders goes big on tackling corporate governance, endorsing co-determination of workers on boards, federal charters, banning of stock buybacks, employee stock ownership plans, and more. He also smartly ties it to concentration, mergers and a broken FTC.

Congratulations to Esther Duflo for her #nobelprize  today. We had the privilege of interviewing Prof Duflo a few years back. Learn more about her research and her work on poverty, women’s empowerment and development economics.

Auto analyst Jonas says investors 'comfortable' with GM strike despite potential multibillion cost

FT View: No company will achieve its long-term goals without achieving short-term success. But to prosper well into the future, managers, and those who oversee them, need to take into account the health of the wider societies in which they operate.

I have returned from South Sudan, where I witnessed the launch of Sudan peace talks. I hope that the discussions will be centered in the correct ideology within the factions, to facilitate the building of a new Sudan, in a better-equipped Africa. #SudanPeaceTalks .

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“Sorry doesn’t cut it,” Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price says of the Atatiana Jefferson shooting. She calls the circumstances “truly unthinkable”

The US Dollar #USD ) has strengthened almost 5% against the Turkish#Lira  #TRY ) as political tensions mount and US sanctions loom.

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Chinese app pushing Xi's ideology has 'backdoor' that could let Beijing snoop on users, report says

Incredible short squeezes as tons of shorts trapped on $SES from the $3-4 range Friday, noe $23+, some people down 7x their investment and $BIMI I Bought at $2.55 today now it’s $9+, to anyone who still hates on penny stocks you’re dumb as fuck lol