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In Lithuania, 57% of scientists and engineers are women

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For Democrats, all roads lead to Medicare for All and the elimination of the employer-based coverage: Democrats’ health care split squeezes Senate contenders via @politico 

SVS Securities: familiar story of another collapsed UK brokerage

Larry Kudlow now doing morning TV by the sea. He says Trump didn’t quite hear the question about having second thoughts about the trade war earlier today and meant to say that the US is continuing with the new tariff policy he announced Friday.

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Investors are worried about a recession, but here's why young people shouldn't panic. (via @CNBCMakeIt )

If a person can't manage their personal finances properly they have little chance of trading success.

If the trade war momentarily played second fiddle to Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole address, it has come crashing back to the forefront of concerns as most markets prepare to re-open for business Monday

At the geneticist @PZalloua ’s place in Marounistan. Not a single Byzantine church in the entire zone! Rumophobic but gorgeous scenery.

Mnuchin says he doesn’t think Trump was making a literal comment that Jay Powell is an enemy.

Larry Kudlow acknowledges on CNN that Trump has no current ability to order US biz to leave China. He then says it was more of a suggestion, even though trump wrote “I hereby order..”