Lava Jato

Brazil’s Lava Jato corruption investigation could self-destruct

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Lava Jato

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Payments Giant Square Has Bought $1,500,000,000 in Bitcoin in Just 12 Months: Messari

88 days until the election in the US. Are you registered to vote? It takes 30 seconds to check:

LOOK: A mother was filmed playing a rendition of Auld Lang Syne as people cleaned up the glass and rubble from Tuesday's explosion in Beirut. Dozens of people remained missing on Wednesday evening after the blast killed at least 135 people

@federalreserve announces enforcement action with Capital One Financial Corporation as a result of a significant data breach from March 2019:

Show me your masks... I’ll rate them!

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The ability of Gmail to guess what we're going to write next attests less to the power of AI than to how predictable, repetitive and formulaic most of our writing is.

How bad will upcoming flu season be amid #COVID19  pandemic? Dr Fauci urges everyone who can to get their flu shot, noting that + Covid prevention efforts could lead to even *less* disease this fall. (Cont)

Is bitcoins upward movement sustainable? Here are two reasons the trend could continue. Insights via @CMEGroup 

Dr Fauci: "My hope is that... vaccination for flu, public health measures for flu and Covid would have us be in the situation where both the flu season is blunted & we have very little Covid. That's a goal that we should aspire to, that I think is possible."