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Who will be the euro zone's next top central banker? https://t.co/I5xmkeeUC0
DNA analysis has revealed the Bajau people have evolved to survive longer underwater https://t.co/xsB980665v
The argument against refugees is that they are a financial burden and security threat. Both charges are unfounded https://t.co/EhGOkZdvMT
Confederate iconography has become the principal flashpoint in a city transitioning to a more inclusive future https://t.co/fDZ6PRabPH
It's not just washing machines and motorcycles. Which goods are threatened by Donald Trump's trade war? https://t.co/n7SWqRuEXi
She designed gardens, hunted tigers and planned the rescue of her kidnapped husband. Yet she was known as a "gold-digger and a schemer" https://t.co/GzqADqif6I
Working while receiving e-mails and phone calls reduces a worker’s IQ by about ten points relative to working uninterrupted https://t.co/VPdHcRqnDX
"We are living through the single biggest change in the religious and cultural landscape in Britain for centuries", a new report suggests https://t.co/Ivt20LEuFY
Having children lowers women’s lifetime earnings, an outcome known as the “child penalty” https://t.co/MXYiDlT5sM
What would @BillGates change to build a more open world? He'd use technology to break down geographic and economic boundaries and connect people. Enter our #OpenFuture video contest and tell us your idea https://t.co/7emxpyO1C7
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