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The system can identify relevant scientific papers from a 38 million-strong database https://t.co/RX6XTKyS47
Just 7% of working American women are employed in restaurants. But they report a third of sexual harassment cases https://t.co/BTpCBYHtZQ
After all but defeating the jihadists, Iraq’s army turns on the Kurds https://t.co/ZYkLW06JLf
Black pupils’ difficulties start long before they are old enough to go to university https://t.co/YNF9T9EtyL
The president’s indecision on health care is costly for middle-earners https://t.co/2fACosIrQv
America badly needs a centre-right party committed to fiscal restraint, not just to cutting taxes https://t.co/HuEn0z2eFb
Gravitational-wave astronomy starts in earnest https://t.co/iX6hNuxrS8
The Philippine army recaptures a city seized by Muslim insurgents https://t.co/uHt2Uz4vik
London’s buses are losing passengers https://t.co/ZEsbVVtYvc
Technology is on the verge of being able to generate credible video and audio of anyone saying anything https://t.co/4ategLnntX
How food created the British empire https://t.co/KJIkmurfMB
The capitalist case against sexual harassment https://t.co/ovoKSfQ61T
How can politicians tackle the problem of regional inequality? https://t.co/e8rZFhS847
The death of a crusading journalist rocks Malta https://t.co/zbPt18AwbJ
On NAFTA, America, Canada and Mexico are miles apart https://t.co/hERCkOffeF
The Trump family demonstrates why America shuns hereditary rule https://t.co/VRDsqaVp8t
The central message of this event will be that Mr Xi is in absolute command; the new era will be his https://t.co/Juk7DycR97
.@PhilipPullman returns to his detailed and compelling fantasy universe https://t.co/yyzGRAFxSM
Illinois' upcoming governor's race is on track to become the most expensive in state political history https://t.co/81e508I0wr
Machines could be let loose on problems that people do not understand how to solve https://t.co/dxTvROzKq7
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