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The number of naturalisation petitions climbed from 783,062 in 2015 to 986,851 in 2017, according to DHS data https://t.co/lNafjpCKvi
Eight of the 13 pieces of primary legislation the government says are needed for Brexit are still outstanding https://t.co/DUQOPyazjV
Our deputy editor @TomStandage explains why The Economist is launching a new daily podcast, The Intelligence https://t.co/PFQr3gMnJz
On this week’s “Money Talks”, Harvard Business School professor @AmyCEdmondson joins host @econbuttonwood to discuss the importance of speaking up in the workplachttps://t.co/pVL6s9O8eOe
The world's wealthiest 0.001% are creating their own personal investment firms, which could make wealth inequality worse https://t.co/mxS20a2ogL
Two new books suggest that "the great fairground ride of world population change" is running out of steam https://t.co/aIopIa1R1b
National regulators are rowing over whether managers should ditch the "share-cancellation mechanism" https://t.co/maWOe19oUD
But without Cary Fukunaga's artistry, “True Detective” needs its central mystery to pay off to be worth the watch https://t.co/dOHTxjGW4i
As the euro area begins its third decade, a new slump is looming https://t.co/C8zluGWC8D
Coming soon: The Intelligence is a daily current-affairs podcast that provides a unique perspective on the events shaping your world. Get a sneak peek here https://t.co/geqwY2Qbmb
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