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Olga Tokarczuk's fiction eschews overt advocacy. She draws on fables, myths and even mysticism to conjure its distinctive moods https://t.co/ptqHEeNQBV
The winner, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, has pledged to overturn the dubious convictions of his fellow opposition leaders https://t.co/N0MiPz7mn3
Rather than using AI to monitor employees’ likelihood to quit, managers could stop by their desks for a chat https://t.co/2C4NXflyXk
What Time needs, besides the Benioffs’ largesse, is a vision that can sustain it as a business https://t.co/StobKkc8qc
Thatcher and Reagan valued Mr Gordievsky for his unparalleled psychological insights into the Kremlin's thinking https://t.co/uCrHYOg7OP
Author @carljackmiller weighs in on the need for the power of technology to be checked #OpenFuture https://t.co/wYkL8kP6pA
The online archive of “In Our Time” is a digital Library of Alexandria, a rich seam of wisdom freely available to mine https://t.co/YttGBkkCqE
So far John McDonnell’s ideas are badly worked out to the point of irresponsibility https://t.co/05UutDwm0F
Extreme poverty is growing rarer https://t.co/qmk7wrP3e2
Denmark’s biggest bank reports on its Estonian shambles https://t.co/uN9VBAxgN3
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