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Latest Scoops

TONIGHT: @SenGillibrand and @TessaThompson_x are here!
TONIGHT: @jaboukie has some thoughts about Amazon’s move to New York City.
.@jaboukie would like to make it clear that he moved to Queens BEFORE Amazon: https://t.co/sdSIc3yLcp
TONIGHT: Trump is supporting bipartisan prison reform! ...Just in time for his entire administration to be indicted by Robert Mueller.
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.@TheLewisBlack has a very delicate message for flat-earthers. Full piece: https://t.co/ijSCuYfoKi
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Are you a Democrat assuming power in January? Here’s how to avoid being accused of Presidential Harassment:
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OK, there’s “rich,” and there’s “private firefighter rich.”
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Who are “flat-earthers” and why are they getting internet famous? @TheLewisBlack reports: https://t.co/ijSCuYfoKi
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“I wish I enjoyed sex as much as Rep. Nita Lowey enjoys investigating Trump.”

House Democrats aren’t wasting any time. Full piece: https://t.co/JcbMB0vKqP
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The crop of incoming House Republicans is a diverse mosaic... of white guys. https://t.co/JcbMB0vKqP
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