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The law & order president defies judge's order. What's the point of even having judges with this pscychopathic criminal in the White House?

Biden will abide by strict social distancing rules at tonight’s #debate  to limit the risk of being hit by projectiles launched from Trump’s nose.

Hillary told us in 2016. The New York Times filled in the details in 2020. #CrookedDonald  #TrumpIsBroke  #TrumpTaxReturns 

BREAKING: World #COVID19  death toll tops 1 million sooner than expected because of the disaster unfolding in #TrumpsAmerica : America's 210,000 dead represent 21% of global deaths in a country with just 4% of the world's population. #FailedPresident  #TrumpGenocide 

4% of the world's population. 21% of the world's deaths. It didn't have to happen. Trump keeps making it worse.


It’s long been rumored. It’s long been joked about. But Donald Trump is 74 years old. If he has a serious drug problem, such as an Adderall addiction, America needs to know. RT of you agree.

Lawyer @BradMossEsq  shuts down #ObamaGate , destroys every numbskull #IMPOTUS  argument and leaves Fox News host speechless in one brilliant 60-second summation. Case closed! (via @Acyn )

BREAKING: National Bureau of Economic Research says the Obama Recovery began June 2009 and continued uninterrupted until February 2020, when the #TrumpRecession  began

If anyone ever again questions whether or not #TrumpIsALaughingStock , just show them this brilliance from @sarahcpr 

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH ALERT: Known sexual predator moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC today

This is perjury, plain and simple. Feel free to tag your Senator in the replies and tell him/her what you think of the burying the record of—and rushing to confirm—this extremely crooked nominee.

This 60 Minutes clip is devastating for Trump and Navarro. #FireTrump