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Tucker Carlson stands up for white supremacists the way Donald Trump stands up for sex offenders and pedophiles. Why is that? @chipfranklin  and @ReallyAmerican1  have the answer: #TuckerIsABigot 

#Kentucky terrorist charged with dragging DC officer down steps during Capitol riot.

A new form of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in New York City, and it carries a worrisome mutation that may weaken the effectiveness of vaccines, two teams of researchers have found.

Sleazy lies of @RepMTG  exposed: She blamed "Antifa" knowing that her domestic terrorist friend Anthony Aguero was one of the insurrectionists who attacked America. #QAnon 

The claim Biden was supposed to deliver an SOTU by Feb. 20, 2021, is FALSE. At least the previous 6 presidents did not deliver a formal SOTU in their 1st years. They delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress. That has not yet been convened in 2021.

#NeverForget Hundreds of thousands of Americans would be alive today if not for Trump's recklessness and incompetence. #COVID19  #CPAC  #CPAC20212021 


Lawyer @BradMossEsq  shuts down #ObamaGate , destroys every numbskull #IMPOTUS  argument and leaves Fox News host speechless in one brilliant 60-second summation. Case closed! (via @Acyn )

So I'm paying for the wall, paying for Melania to live apart from Donald, paying for Donald's golf vacations, AND losing my healthcare? ???

BREAKING: National Bureau of Economic Research says the Obama Recovery began June 2009 and continued uninterrupted until February 2020, when the #TrumpRecession  began

BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump  guilty of multi-million tax fraud after failing to declare $287 million in forgiven debt to IRS. Key lender was Russian money-launderer Deutsche Bank. Justice Kennedy's son Justin was heavily involved in Trump's shady dealings.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH ALERT: Known sexual predator moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC today

If anyone ever again questions whether or not #TrumpIsALaughingStock , just show them this brilliance from @sarahcpr 

This is perjury, plain and simple. Feel free to tag your Senator in the replies and tell him/her what you think of the burying the record of—and rushing to confirm—this extremely crooked nominee.

This 60 Minutes clip is devastating for Trump and Navarro. #FireTrump